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____ ____ _____ is the study of the characteristics and movement of water as they pertain to calculations for fire streams and fire ground operations.
Fire Service Hydraulics

page 60 (driver ops)
The scientific or more exact calculations of water streams is referred to as _________
Theoretical hydraulics

page 60 (driver ops)
_____ ___ _ ____ is the flow applied to overcome the heat generated by the fire.
Critical rate of flow

page 60 (driver ops)
The ___ is the total pressure needed to overcome all friction, appliance, and elevation loss while maintaining adequate nozzle pressure to deliver effective fire streams.
PDP (pump discharge pressure)

page 60 (driver ops)
What is the basic PDP formula?

page 60 (driver ops)
______ _____ is the pressure required at the nozzle to deiver the fire stream and flow rate for which the nozzle was designed.
Nozzle pressure

page 61 (driver ops)
Combination nozzles have a NP of ___ psi.
100 psi

page 61 (driver ops)
Low-pressure fog nozzles have a NP that varies from ___ to ___ psi.
50 to 75 psi

page 61 (driver ops)
Smooth-bore nozzles, also referred to as solid-tip nozzles have a NP of ___ psi for handlines and ___ psi for master streams.
50 for handlines and 80 for master streams

page 61 (driver ops)
True / False
Distributor nozzles constanly spin and present centrifugal forces that are symmetrical. Because the forces occur perpedicular to the hose, they not be normally operated at 50 psi.
False. they do not produce a corresponding nozzle reaction. For this reason, smooth-bore distributors normally rated at 50 psi should not present a safety hazard to flow water at increased pressures up to 100 psi.

page 62 (driver ops)
____ _____ is the volume of water moving through the nozzle; it is measured in units of either GPM or L/min.
Flow rate

page 62 (driver ops)
_____ ____ i the pressure lost from turbulence as water passes through pipes, hoses, fittings, adapters, and appliances. It is measured in units of either psi or kPa.
Friction loss (FL)

page 63 (driver ops)
What is the modern FL equation?
FL= -----------

page 65 (driver ops)
In the modern FL equation, what does the C stand for?
The coefficeint, which is a numerical measure that is a constant for eash specific hose diameter.

page 65 (driver ops)
In the modern FL equation, what does the Q stand for?
Th quanitiy of water flowing (GPM) divided by 100.

page 65 (driver ops)
In the modern FL equation, what does the L stand for?
The length of hose in feet divided by 100

page 65 (driver ops)
Calculations must be adjusted for the distance the nozzle is above or below the pump, which is referred to as ________ _______
Elevation pressure

page 70 (driver ops)
Water exerts a pressure of _____ per 1' of water column.
0.434 psi

page 70 (driver ops)
High-rise buildings are spaced in __' to __' increments.
12' to 14' increments

page 70 (driver operator)
To speed the calculation process further, simply determine the elevation change in __ increments and multiply your finding by __ psi.
10 ' increments and multiply by 5 psi (100 feet = 10x5
50 psi)

page 70 (driver ops)
______ are devices that are used to connect and adapt hoses, and direct and control water flow in various hose layouts.

page 72 (driver ops)
Generally, the appliance FL is considered insignificant when water flows are less than ___ gpm.
350 GPM

page 72 (driver ops)
It is important to remember that fire streams of less than 350 gpm are considered _____ and that fire streams of 350 gpm or greater are considered to be _______
handlines , master streams

page 72-73 (driver ops)
Assign ___ in appliance loss for master streams, and ___ for handlines with a flow of 350 gpm or greater.
25 for master streams and 10 for handlines.

page 73 (driver ops)
The equation CxQ2xL+AL+/-EP is the equation for what?
Total pressure loss.

page 76 (driver ops)
Unless the loss in the intake, piping, and nozzle has been established for the specific apparatus, use a minimum of ___ psi FL for all master streams
25 psi

page 87 (driver ops)
As a general rule, do not exceed a PDP of ___ psi unless allowed by the standpipe system rating.
200 psi

page 88 (driver ops)
A ______ ____ is the vertical portion of the system piping within a building that delivers the water supply for fire hose connections, and sprinklers on combined systems, vertically from floor to floor.
Standpipe riser

page 89 (driver ops)
_______-____ valves are installed on standpipe risers where static pressures exceed 175 psi per NFPA 13.
Pressure regulating valve

page 92 (driver ops)
If pressure while flowing in a standpipe riser exceed ____ psi then NFPA 14 requires the installation of a device at the outlet to restrict or reduce the flow pressure to a maximum of ____ psi.
100 psi

page 92 (driver ops)
The height of a column of water above the discharge is known as the head; the pressure in that column of water is referred to as head pressure. To determine the head pressure divide the number of feet by ______

page 92 (driver ops)
_____ is the amount of pressure created by the pump after receiving pressure from a hydrant or another pump.
NPDP (net pump discharge pressure)

page 93 (driver ops)
Common fire-ground hydraulic calculation methods include the following techniques: (7)
1. Charts
2. Hydraulic calculators
3. Hand methode
4. Subtract 10 method
5. Condensed Q method
6. Flow meters
7. Preincident plan data

page 95 (driver ops)
True / False
The subtract 10 method determines FL in 2 1/2" hose only and for flows of 160 gpm or less. It is either fog or smooth bore nozzles.
False: determines FL in 2 1/2" hose only and for flows of 160 psi or greater.

page 100 (driver ops)
NFPA 1901 allows flow meters on discharges from 1 1/2 to 3 inch in diameter. They generally boast accuracy within __ to __ %, but require periodic calibration to maintain this accuracy.
1 to 3 %

page 102 (driver ops)
________ is a term used in electronic engineering to refer to the process of combining information from several different sources.

page 102 (driver ops)