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Permit:Operational requirement
Must be conspicuous
Business license?
Certificate of Occupancy?
Permits are voided, if...
Change in operation, ownership,
time expiration or revoked for cause.
UFC 105.8
Permit renewal notice founded:
UFC 105.2.2
Lock box keys;
Street Numbers;
Fire Lane-ID;
Fire Lane-Obstruction.
Locked box keys:
Updated master keys to all buildings,
In writing to FD, if rekeyed.
(UFC 902.4)
Fire Lane:
UFC 901.4.2 / CVC 22500.1,
Min. 20' x 13.5';
Unobstructed(UFC 902.2.4),
Restore curb/white stencil
Stencil on face,not top w/ CVC#;
No curb: 8" x length w/ stencil.
1.Blocked exit-
Aisles must be provided and maintained,
Additional doors, which could be used as exits...must comply.
No O.O.S. exits,without FM approval
(UFC 1203)
Exit 2
Exit doors openable from inside, action unlocks door.
All locking devices must be approved type. (UFC 1207.3)
Exit 3
This Door must remain unlock, while business is occuppied.
In groups A-3,F,M,S,O and all churches.
Key-locking hardware may be used on main exit door(s).
Exit 4
Exit signs:(min.6" x 3/4 stroke) must be illuminated (inside or outside). Path and Area too.Only when occupied.
Exit 5
Exit signs:(UFC 1211,1212.4)
Where required, emergency exit lighting must be maintained in an operable condition at all times.
Exit 6
Self-closing exits doors shall close and latch, when released.(UFC 1207.1)
Permitted opened doors, if automatic closing with smoke detector-activated releases. (UBC 3305(h),UFC1207.1)
Fire Protection Systems: 1-12
1. Maintenance records/service:Display records on system riser or an approved location,quarterly owners,5 year service by SFM,w/ report sent to FD. (UFC 1001.5)
Fire Protection Systems 2
Control Valves: padlocked or alternative(all break-aways)
(UFC 1001.6.3)
Fire Protection Systems 3
Clearance around fire potection appliances...3 feet min.
(UFC 1001.7)
Fire Protection Systems 4
Replaced damaged, missing, or painted, wrenchs, caps, etc...(UFC 1001.5)
Fire Protection Systems 5
Local Alarm bell must ring within 90 seconds, after Inspector's test valve is opened;clearly audible w/ proper sign posted.(UFC 1003.3.2)
Fire Protection Systems 6
Hood Duct & System: Serviced every 6 months. Look into "K" extinguishment.
(UFC 1006)
Fire Protection Systems 7
Fire Alarm operation:
Detection/Evacuation sys. must be maintained fully operational at all times.
Fire Protection Systems 8
Monitoring Deficiences:Central Station.
Failed to transmit alarm immediately,
Called premised first, before 911.
Incomplete/incorrect information given.
Fire Protection Systems 9
Storage below sprinklers:
(UFC 1103.3.2.2)
18" below sprinkers,
24" below ceiling-nonsprinkler
Fire Extinguihers 1-6 (Jan.01,2003)
1.Monthly inspections,gen. appearance.
Dry Chem./Powder-every 6 years/12yrs hydro.Complete tear down.
Service due to discharge,tampered, or annual inspection. Licensed Service.
UFC 1002
Fire Extinguisher 2
Provide Extinguisher per 75 feet, walking distance. UFC 1002
Min. U.L.rating 2A:10BC in approved location.
Fire Extinguisher 3
Commercial kitchen extinguisher:mount extinguisher in exit path,near fixed system pull station. Provide min.k-type extinguisher,in approved loaction.
UFC 1006.2.7
Fire Extinguisher 4
Mount extinguishers with conspicuous signs,overhead. >'(top of extgh.)from grd.
<'(top of extgh) from grd. 4" min. from grd.UFC 1002/std 10.1
Electrical 2
Discontinue multi-plug adapters: Not approved versions, only thoses (U.L. listed approval)that provide their own ckt. brk.or licensed permanent work. UFC 8507
Electrical 3
Replace damaged,deteriorated,or missing:Components,power cords,etc...
Provide lockout for braker serving fire alarm system. UFC 8504
Permit required for any reapirs or expansions of perm. wiring.
Electrical 4
Clearance:Maintain min. of 30" in front of all breaker panels. No posters or other material may conceal elect. panels. UFC 8509.2
Electrical 5
Identifaction:identify each circiut breaker; exterior door of elect.panel labeled "Main Electrical" in min. "1" letters
Electrical 1-5
1.Discontinue extension cords as permanent wiring; only for portable appliances in temporary use. UFC 8506.1
General Fire Safety 1-6
1.Dumpster: <1.5 cubic yards must be placed 5' or greater from combustible walls, openings, roof eave lines.
Type 1 or 2 constr. must keep dumpster 10' from other buildings.UFC 1103.3.5
General Fire Safety 2
Combustible storage prohibited in furnace, electrical, or (below stairs except sprinklered). UFC 1103.3.2.3-5
General Fire Safety 3
Housekeeping: Maintain storage in neat,orderly manner-minimize fire spread/facilitate control. No combustible storage permitted within 10' of property line. Max ht.20'
Storage meets ceiling restrictions.UFC 1103
General Safety 4
Heat-producing equipment
UFC 1107
UFC 1107
General Safety 5
Grease filter cleaning
UFC 1006.2.8
UFC 1006.2.8
Frequently clean grease filters and hood duct to prevent accumulation of grease.
General Fire Safety 6
Secure compressed gas cylinders
UFC 7401.6.4
UFC 7401.6.4
Properly secure compressed gas cylinders; label contents; separate full / empty
Fire-resistive barriers 1-2
Restore full function to fire assemblies.
UFC 1111.2
UFC 1111.2
Obstructions are prohibited in the path of fire doors / dampers. Develope means of maintaining operational path clear at all times. Post Sign: FIRE DOOR-DO NOT OBSTRUCT
Fire-Resistive barriers 2
Restore fire-resistive construction.
UFC 1111.1
UFC 1111.1
Repair holes using fire-resistive construction: walls, ceilings; close access hatch.
Flammable/Combustible Liquids 1-4
Class I&II liquids prohibited
UFC 7902.5.7
UFC 7902.5.7
Flammable/Combustible liquids 2
Limits per control area
UFC 7902.5.7.2
UBC 308
In B-2 manuf.max.30gal.-class IA;
60gal.-class IB;90gal.-class IC;120gal.=Combo.all class I;class I combust.;combo. classes I/II (increased w/ sprinklers/cabinets)
Flammable/Combustible liquids 3
UFC 7902.1.8
Must be stored in original containers or approved safety cans or else remove.
Flammable/Combustible liquids 4
UFC 7901.8
Flammable liquid ignition/vapor control
Use of F.L. in open operations must have approved spill control, expolsion control, ventilation, electrical, and other ignition control in place and operating.
Hazardous Materials 1-2
UFC 8001.3 thru 8001.3.3
Provide Data
Contact Fire Prevention Division for Haz.Mat. disclosure statement form and processing procedures.
Hazardous Materials 2
UFC 8001.6 (MSDS)
Material Safety Data Sheets
Provide F.D. haz.mat. inventory list, quanity stored, quanity in use.
Fire Extinguiher 5
Portable CLASS "K" Wet extinguisher w/ either 3 or 6 liter version for deep fat fryers. Hx of rekindled w/dry Ansul.
30 feet max. distance
Fire Protection Systems 10
UL 300 sys.Wet agent vs. Dry(Ansul)Hood must cover all cooking mediums. Oils from animal to vegetable-flash pt down.Detail inspect.inter/exter.Mandatory by 2005
Fire Protection Systems 11
UL 300 sys.Nozzle per appliance w/ rubber booty.Auto shutoff-GAS/activation either by fuse or manual for 300. Plenum(throat) 1 hr. vs. 2hr
Fire Protection Systems 12
UL300sys,All seams/welds visable, clear grease traps within/outside. Type I vs. II=convection:schools w/ heated carts(4x7) plugged @ 190f;failed 300-400f
Fire Extinguisher 6
Use of CLASS "K"/Expensive for UL300/90% deep fat fryer incids/use CLASS K/turn off burner/clean mess/call extinguisher co.-replacement/start up business.versus $$/time/health dept. w/ UL 300