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operations management
the set of activities an organization uses to transform different kinds of imputs
international operations management
the transformation-related activities of an international firm
product management
operations management decisions ,processes and issues that involve the creation of tangible goods
service operations management
operations mangement that deals with the intangible servicesof a comp
supply chain management
the set of processes and steps a firm uses to acquire the variations resouces it needs to create its product
vertical integration
the extent to which a firm either provides its own resources or obtains them from other sources
foreign trade zone
a controlled geographical areA in which imported or exported goods recieve preferential tariffs
international logistics
the management of of the flow of materials parts /resources from suppliers to the firm, between the firm and out of the firm to customers
materials management
the management of of the flow of materials parts /resources from suppliers to the firm and between the firm
Just-in time inventory
ordering resouces needed to arrive just in time for when it is needed this saves monye for storage
international service business
a firm that transforms resources into an intangible output that creates utility for its customers
capacity planning
deciding how many customers a firm will be able to serve at a given time
an economic measure of efficiency that summarizes the value of outputs relative to the value of the inputs used to create the outputs.
the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs
total quality management
an integrated effort to syatematically and continuosly improve the quality of an organizations products and or services
statistical process control
a family of mathematically based tools for monitoring and controlling qualiy.
the process of legally and ethnically studying how other firms do something in a high quality way and the improving or imitating their methods
information system
a methodology created by a firm to gather, assemble, and provide data in the form or forms useful to managers