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the actual shape of the Earth's orbit around the Sun is best described as
a perfect circle
If viewed from the Earth over a period of several years, the apparent diameter of Mars will
vary in a cyclic manner
During which epoch could early humans have existed

2.8 mya??
Which rock is likely to be the oldest?
the trilobite fossils indicate the greatest age
Properties of basalt
fine-grained and mafic
a foliated metamorphic rock formed from pelitic sediments in which the mineral grains have grown large enough to see
conditions most likely to develop over a land area adjacent to the ocean on a hot, sunny afternoon
high temp w/ on-shore breeze
in which type of climate would the rate of chemical weathering be greatest
warm and moist
transported sediments are suaully deposited at locations in which
a decrese in the speed of the agent of erosion occurs
A layer of shale is located below the Devonian limesotne and above Cambrian sandstone. Overturning has not occurred. During which period was the shale most likely deposited?
What radioactive element is best suited for determining the age of wooden tools used by prehisotric humans during eh last ice age?
carbon 14