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Paris Conference-1919
Completed treaty of versiales
Big Four
David Lloyd George
French Premier George Clemenceua
Vittorio Orlando of Italy
Treaty of Versailes
1.Central Powers responsible WWI
2.Germany lost 1mil sq miles of colonial territory
3.50,000 miles of european terr. reduced to 100,000men
5.surrender all military equipment
6.Reparations of 56.5 mil in gold
Treaty of Versailles Problems
1.Article X-Compels congress to act unwillingly
2.Britian had 6 votes
3.League might interfere interpretation of Monroe Doctrine
4.League might develop super Government
Independet Internationalism
USA active on a global scale, but retained its independence of action
Dawes Plan of 1924
Reduced German annaul payments, extended period time for repayment, and gave more loans.
Young Plan of 1929
Set German payment at 8.8 million, gave them 58 yrs to pay. Principle plus interest=27 billion$.
Priming the Pump
Provding economy small amounts of money in order to receive greater returns.
Hoover Moratorium (1931)
Great Depression affected the Young Plan, Hoover gave Germany a 1yr moratorium on payment.
League of Nation
1. Formed after WWI to promote international security/peace.
2. Unable to stop aggression of major powers.
3. US never signs.
4. Collapsed in WWII, over by 1946.
3 Examples of Ineffectiveness of League of Nations
1. Japan's occupation of Manchuria(1931)
2. Italy's Conquest of Ethiopia(1935-36)
3. Germany's seizure of Austria(1939)
World Court
1. Permanent Court of International Justice
2. Established by League of Nations(1920)
3. US never joins, but American jurists sat on bench
Washington Conference
Harding's conference to reduce Naval armaments and problems of Pacific. 9 treaties drafted.
Five Power Treaty
1. Washington Conference
2. Balance of power England:5 US:5 JAP:3 ITLY:1.667 F:1.667
3. 10-yr moratorium of naval ship construction
Four Power Treaty
2. respect eachothers rights in the Pacific
Nine Power Treaty
1. Maintianed "open door" policy of China
2. Guarantee territorial intergrity
3. China won't be overthrown
The Locarno Pact (1925)
1. Locarno, Switzerland
3. Gurantee Demiltarization of Rhineland.
4. Guarantees common borders of FRA-BELG-GER as of Treaty of Versailles(1919)
Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928)
(Pact of Paris)
1. Outlaws war as "National Policy"
2. 62 nations sign
Hitler's Foreign Polcy Aims
1. Destruction of Versailles Treaty
2. conquest of East Europe
3. Domination of racial inferiors
Appeasement by France and Britain
1. Haunted by WWI
2. Britain unprepared for battle
3. Britian believed Versailles was to hard on Germany
4. French only Defensive
5. US didnt help strenghten them
6. Fear of Soviet Union
7. France=failed morale
Steps to WWII
1. GER violates Versialles
2. ITA invades ETHIOPIA, ends collective security
3. Spanish Cival War
4. Hitlers takes Austria
5. Munich Conference (appeasement)
6. Hitler takes Prague
7. Nazi-Soviet pact ends
Lightening fast war
"Battle for Britain"
Saved by invention of radar, Britian avoids fall to Germany
Cold War
Struggle between the Capalists and the Communists, marked by massive miltary build-up, intense econ. competition, and hostile diplomatic relations
Soviet Civil War
(1919-1920) Bolsheviks victorious
US Recognizes Soviets
(1933) Reason: Great Depression and USA Self-Interest(selling goods)
Atlantic Charter
(1941)1. Roosevelt & Churchill
2. Newfoundland
3. a joint statement of war aims
4. 14pts/newdeal
Nazi-Soviet Pact
(non-aggression pact 1939)
Both sides needed time
Schlieffen PLan
Casablanca Conference(1943)
1. FDR, Churchill
2. Casablanca(French Morroco)
3. Policy of unconditional axis surrender enunciated
Teheran Conference(1943)
1. FDR, Churchill, Stalin
2. Iran
3. Planned invasion of France, Stalin promises to enter war versus Japan.
Moscow Agreement(1944)
1. FDR, Stalin
2. Moscow
3. Disucuss Greek Civil War
4. Soviets agree to end assistance to Greek Comunists
5. Eastern Europe Split with Soviets/Britian
6. Showed failings of Atlantic Charter
Yalta Conference(1945)
1. FDR, Churchill, Stalin
2. Yalta(USSR)
3. 4-power occupation of Germany(France is 4th)
4. Soviets agree to enter war vs. JAP
5. Poland guaranteed representative Gov.
Potsdam Conference
1. Truman, Stalin, Churchill-replaced by Atlee
2. Potsdam Germany
3. Clarify Yalta Conference
4. JAP surrenders or face prompt and udder distruction
5. the babies have been delivered
Marxist Destiny
Stalin: perpetual stuggle against non-communist nations
National Security Act of 1947
Department of Defense controls
1. CIA
2. National Security Council(NSC)-coordinated defense and policy of USA
The main element of any US policy toward communism/Soviet
1. Kennan, George "foriegn Affairs"
Truman Doctrine(1947)
Aid to Turkey and Greece to keep the from communist domination
1. military example of containment
Marshall Plan (1947)
12.4 billion spent in european recovery plan
1. economic example of containment
The Berlin Blockade
Stalin blockades west Berlin to force USA to abandon city.
Berlin Airlift
USA drops supplies to west berlin, making city symbol to ressitance of communism
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
2. aimed to safeguard atlanitc community against soviets
Warsaw Pact
Russian NATO
1st Soviet A-Bomb
September 1949, years early, scares USA
Fall of China
Chiang Kai-Shek (Nationalist Gov) fell to Mao Tse-Tung (Communist)
Korean War
June 1950, North Korea and China attempt to take South Korea
NATO sends troops to aid south.
38th parallel.
Hiroshima, Nagasaki
Japanese Cities USA bombed
Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere
Japanese "Manifest Destiny"
Manhattan Project
USA Atomic bomb project name
December 7, 1941
Peal Harbor
Francisco Franco
Spanish Facist Dictator
Emperor of Japan
August 8, 1945
Russia enters was against Japan
Moderate Marxists
Extreme Marxists
White Army
Fought the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War
far-ended politics-fascism, communism
Mein Kampf
Hitlers Book, written while in prison for Beer Hall Putsch
Lateran Accords
Creates the Vatican
The man of steel
Hitler's title