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What type of exercise is recommended for patients who have osteoarthritis?
Non weight-bearing exercise
Why should patients who are taking a regimen of corticosteroids for RA avoid crowds?
Corticosteroids decrease immunity
True or false: patients with Lupus should avoid exposure to the sun
Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE) affects only which part of the body?
What is a precaution for a patient who is receiving radiation treatments from an UNSEALED source?
Do not share a toilet with others for 3 days
What type of cancer causes the most deaths among men?
Lung cancer
If an IV becomes infiltrated, what is the nurse's best 1st action?
Discontinue the IV
What are the most prevalent cancers among African-Americans?
Lung & prostate cancers
Breast cancer cells often metastasize to which body areas?
What is significant about an autosomal recessive trait?
The genotype is the same as the phenotype
What is the greatest risk factor for cancer?
Advanced age
What is Neumega for?
Chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia
A nocturnal cough can be a symptom of what?
Early heart failure
What are the major symptoms of hypoxia?
If a patient presents with a new heart murmur, what should the nurse ask?
Whether the patient has had any dental work in the past month
What is a major symptom of digoxin toxicity?
What is a major symptom of hypokalemia?
Muscle weakness
What drug is usually administered as a precaution to decrease complications of thrombolytic therapy?
What is the purpose of administering Retavase quickly when a patient is having a MI?
Retavase restores perfusion, and decreases the size of the MI
If troponin levels are elevated, what does this indicate?
A recent MI
If a patient's ECG tracing demonstrates deep Q-waves, what does this usually indicate?
A MI in the past
What is the major complication of a rolling hernia?
When are antacids administered?
2 hours after meals
What are the major complications of Crohn's disease?
What should the nurse assess to be sure a patient's high doses of morphine are not having adverse effects on the endocrine system?
Monitor I & O closely
Which insulin should never be mixed?
Insulin glargine
What is a major manifestation of ulcerative collitis?
10-20 liquid bloody stools per day
How is gestational diabetes usually managed?
What should the nurse assess on a patient who is experiencing regurgitation?
Auscultate for fine crackles in the lungs
What causes esophageal reflux?
decreased tone of the lower esophageal sphincter
What is the priority assessment for patients who have Crohn's disease?
Cardiovascular assessment (disrhythmias, etc.)
What is the classic symptom of peritonitis?
Rigid abdomen
What is a major risk factor of hyperparathyroidism?
What should you do if your patient's stoma is dry and dark red?
notify the surgeon
What is the priority nursing action before a laboring mother receives an epidural?
Adequate hydration
What is the best action to promote latching on for breastfeeding mothers/babies?
Breast feed within the first 30 minutes of life of the newborn
What is the acronym to remember when assessing an episiotomy?
What is the significance of the nitrazine test?
This test will determine whether a pregnant woman's membranes have ruptured
What indicates the 2nd stage of labor?
10 cm dilation
What is important for the nurse to provide to a woman post-labor (taking-in phase)
Nurturing care
Why is Methergine IM administered to OB patients?
To minimize bleeding after giving birth
Which patients should always be on venous return precautions post surgery?
Women with ovarian cancer
How can you educate a patient in identifying the onset of dehydration?
Teach them to accurately take and chart their weight daily
What foods are important to avoid in a patient who is taking an MAOI?
Avoid foods containing tyramine
What is the goal of crisis intervention?
Re-establish equilibrium
What is the priority nursing intervention for patients who are going through alcohol detoxification?
Assess for signs/symptoms of withdrawal
The faces pain scale can usually be used in what age children?
As young as 3 years