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How many bits are equal to one byte?
From where does a web page originate?
Web server
What is the purpose of a video card
A video card (graphics card) combines video processing and storage onto an expansion card, or integrated onto the motherboard to manage video images for display.
What does a computer do that makes it a computer?
is a digital electronics device that combines hardware and software to accept the input of data, and then process and store the data to produce some useful output.
A general purpose computer relies on the ______ being used to perform an activity
A popular term used to identify devices such as the Ipad is known as what?
a tablet
Through the use of ____, surgeons can operate on patients from a remote location.
A computer’s____ stores the boot process instructions for startup.
BIOS- read only memory (ROM)
_____ software runs only on the operating system it was written for.
presentation software enhances a lecture through the use of what?
A(n)_____ is a company that provides a subscriber with access to the Internet
Internet service provider (ISP)
The power of a ______relationship provides multiple users with access to multiple web sites at the same time.
A well-known range of ____ is reserved by convention to identify specific service types provided by host computers.
A Web ___ is a web page that combines useful information and links and acts as an entry point to the Web
The concept of _____ communications is the ability to communicate with anyone through a variety of formats from anywhere at any time.
With bluetooth, up to ____ devices can be paired simultaneously
A typical setup for a _____ network would include a wireless router connected to an ISP.
The most popular and easiest-to-use podcast management software is ____.
apple itunes
An advantage of using a (n) ___ format is its ability to compress CD music files to one tenth their original size.
mp3 file
an example of a vector graphic image is _____.
microsoft powerpoint
Digital photography captures, stores, and manipulates photographs digitally as a series of _____.
1s and 0s.
Some printers accept the camera's _____ card as imput.
_____ media is unique in that the audience is not comprised of passive viewers.
Inaccurate data being entered into a database resulting in inaccurate output is also known as ______.
garbage in/garbage out
A database ____ is a graphical representation of the structure of a database.
All of the following have cybermalls aligned with them web portals _____.
such as yahoo!, aol, and msn
Web developers use ____ to create small Web pages designed to fit the mobile display.
Wireless Markup Language (WML)
The B2B electronic exchange differs from global supply management in that it focuses on _____.
The primary source of input for a business management information system is its _____ database.
The final stage of decision making and problem solving is known as the ____ stage, where the results of a decision are reviewed.
A good _____system records all customer interaction with a business.
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Systems design is the ____ stage of the systems development life cycle, in which a system plan is created to meet the objectives set for the system.
In systems _____, the system is enhanced and validated to make sure it is achieving its goal.
_____ computation includes areas of AI that derive intelligence by attempting many solutions and throwing away the ones that don’t work.
One debate in ____ is ownership of the creative output a computer generates.
computer designed art, or AI creativity
Speaking too loudly into a cell phone ______.
is poor ettiquette.
The first known flash mob happened _____.
june 3, 2002; 100 people on ninth floor of macy’s new York city department store; gather around expensive rug
The sphere of professional computer ethics encompasses _______,
the ethical issues faced by professionals in their use of computer systems as part of their jobs.
In general, governmental computer ethics involves two main types of responsibilities: ______.
protection and empowerment.
The law that required Internet Service Providers to make their services available and readily usable by those with disabilities is ______.
U.S. Telecommunications act of 1996
Of the following, only ____ is/are explicitly listed in the text as offering advantages as well as challenges.
Of the following, the type of company that most maintains its management and business operations in its home country is a (n) _____ company.
If you save a document to the Documents library, it is automatically saved in the ______.
My documents folder
The Mac OS X operating system consists of four main areas: the Desktop, the Menu Bar, the ___, and the Dock.
When you first open an Office application, you see the ____ tab, which contains commonly used tools.
page layout
To display a ScreenTip for a button, ______the button.
hold the mouse pointer over
The tool you need to replace text is located in the ____group on the Home tab.