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what is the ability to pay principal?
it claims that fairness requires that taxes be allocated according to the incomes and or wealth of taxpayers, regardless of how much or how little the benefit
what did adam smith create?
the wealth of nations
what is the wealth of nations?
the concept that the nation/state is a collegection of people bound together in a shared responsibility for one another's mutual well-bring
what is article 51 of the un caharter?
it provides an exception to the rule that all members must refrain from threat or force, it says that when one is being attacked, they have the right to fight back
what is a black box?
it is a mechanism where we can see the outcome though its internal workings are not completly know, it is a metaphor for public policy
what is the blue cross?
it was a government program that offered hospital insurance based on a community rating, meaning everyone was charged the same rate based on the communities rate
What is the brady bill?
it was a ban on assault weapons in response to presidential press secretary james brady being wounded in the attempted assasination of ronald reagan. it called for a background check on all people who wanted to buy a gun and required a 5 day cooling off period that was later take off
what is a caucus?
a series of party meetings at every level of party organization.
what is the cia? what do they do?
government agency created by the national security act of 1947 to advise and make recommendations to the departments of government about issues and situations related to national security policy making.
what is the class conflict model?
a claim that employers use education to screen workers because more educated workers are more willing to accept the traditional corporate values
what is classic liberalism?
the idea that there should be free markets at home and in international trade with little state interference
what is conservatism?
the views that the role of the government in the economy be reduced and want greater government intervention in regulation of social issues, such as gays in the military
what is the relationship between the constitution and criminal law?
the founding fathers left criminal law up to the states because they felt it was a matter that should refelct community standards and wanted enforcement to be localized
what is the culture of poverty?
the poor develop low class culturs values in order to survive being poor
what is cyclical unemployment?
when there is unemployment due to the lack of jobs in the economy due to economic downturn. a major problem
what is deductive reasoning?
when the conclusion follows the evidence
when is inductive reasoning?
when the conclusiong goes beyond the evidence
what does the director of central intelligence do?
he and the chairman of the joint cheifs of staff are the advisary members of the national security council
what does the director of national intellicenge do?
they are responsible for determining the annual budgets for all national intelligence agencies and direct how those funds are spent
what is the relationship between education and lifetime earnings
there is a positive relationship, those with a highschool diploma make more than those without one, and those with a college diploma make more than those without one
what is inflation?
the increase in the average price of goods and services
what are interest groups?
a collection of individuals with intensly held preferences who attempt to influence government policies to benefit their own members
what is the iron triangle
the bonds that evolve between congressional committees and their staffs, special interest groups, and bureaucratic agencies in the executive branch
what did john maynard keynes do?
came up with the theory that represents the effort to deal with chaotic conditions produced by the great depression. said that the business and government should act together in running economy
what did karl marx do?
disgreed that politics and economics should be separate
what is liberalism?
the theory that the government should control the economy in the interest of the state
what is flat tax?
tax that stays the same through all levels of income
what is fiscal policy?
the use of government taxing and spending to stimulate or slow the economy
what is frictional unemployment?
unemployment cause by new entrants to the workforce leaving their jobs to look for better ones
what was the outcome of gideon v wainwright?
supreme court extended the right to council at the state expense to all felony cases
what is hard power?
the ability to make others want the outcome that you do using coercion
what is human capitol theory?
expenditures on education, medical care and training make individuals more inherently more productive and therefore more highly valued employees
what is ideology?
the values and believes about the role of the government
what is stagflation?
when unemployment and inflation rise at the same time
what is the theory of governmental checks and balances?
that through this, one branch of the government cannot take over the whole government
what did thomas malthus do?
he was the first to suggest a resolution within a market economy framework. he said that the problem of poverty was more in nature and could not be fixed by the government
what is unanimity rule?
it ensures that no one is misused because every voter must approve a proposition, gives every voter veto power
what was the outcome of us v leon?
if a seach warrant was obtained illegally but the police acted in good faith, then the evidence could be use in a court of law
what was the outcome of miranda v arizona?
all policemen must make the suspect aware of the constitutional rights upon arrest
what is monetary policy?
the control of the money supply centered on the federal reserve banking system. they can encourage or discourage lending by changing the reserve requirements that the banks have to maintain on their deposites
what is murder?
when someone kills someone intentionally, and he knows he killed them, and he did somthing clearly dangerous to do so
what is nato
north atlantic trade organization
what is natural price?
the price of production for a good or service with a little left over for profit
what is negligent homicide?
death caused by criminal negligence
what is manslaughter?
when a person recklassly causes the death of another person
what is marginal costs?
the increase in total cost from taking an action and doing it once more
what was the outcome in mapp v ohio?
illegally obtained evidence cannot be used in a court of law
what is market price?
the price a good or service actually brings in the marketplace
what is medicare?
a federal/state program to provide medical insurance for the poor and disabled designed to treat the threat of finacial ruin caused by medical expenses
what are open primaries?
when anyone can vote for either party, but not both
what are closed primaries
only those voters who have declared affiliation to a party may vote for that party
what is opportunity cost?
the cost that equals the value of the most desirable good or service forgone
what are patronage policies?
government actons that provide incentives for individuals or corporations to undertake activities they would only reluctantly understake without the promise of an award
what is goal of a political party
to get their member elected to office
what is progressive tax?
tax that rises as income level rises
what is proportional tax?
taxes stay the same through all levels of income
what is the main source of revenue for the state and local governments
property tax
what is public policy
the study of government decisions and actions designed to deal with a matter of public concern
how do you qualify for medicaid
you become eligable for welfare in your state
what is satisficing
adopting the policy acceptable from all perspectives rather than seeking the best possible outcome
what is sin tax?
a tax on alcohol and tobacco because use of those products poses negative externalities on nonusers
what is soft power
the ability to make others want your outcome through cooperation
what is structural unemployment?
unemployment due to a mismatch betweek the skill of the labor force and the jobs available
what does the epa do?
they regulate and monitor air and water pollution
what does an exploratory committee do?
they help determine whether or not a potential candidate should run for office
what are the facotrs of production?
lan, labor, capitol
what did eht fun control act do?
restricted the availability and distribution of guns