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-free association
Techniques used in psychoanalysis
people have the ability and freedom to lead rational lives and make rational choices
humanistic therapies
- unusual or severe response to death of a loved one
- interpersonal role disputes
- difficulty in adjusting to role transitions (divorce, career change, retirement)
- deficits in interpersonal skills
interpersonal therapy
operant = seek to control consequences of behavior

classical = rid people of fears and other undesirable behaviors
behavior therapies
Ellis ABC-
A= activating event
B= person's belief
C= emotional consequence

- automatice thoughts - unreasonable but unquestioned ideas that rule a person's life
cognitive therapies
-antipsychotic - control severe psychotic symptoms (hallucinations)
- antidepressant - mood elevators for depressed people
- lithium - treats behavior
- tranquilizers - treat anxiety

* antipsychotics can cause blood defect, jerking of face, squirming of hands and feet
drug therapies