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Protects the expression of an idea fixed in a tangible medium from copying; Life of the author plus 70 years
Copyrightable Items
Literary works, photographs, film, sound recording, coreography, music (melody, lyrics, arrangement, individual recordings)
Novel, non-obvious, useful
Must apply to government, becomes public info, monopoly for about 20 years
Can be Patented
Products, Process, Code, Design
Can not be Patented
Formulas, Equations, Things occuring in nature, facts
Trade Secret
any secret formula, pattern, device, method, technique, or compiliation of info that is used in business that (1) gives its owner an advantage over competitors who do not know it (2) has enough value to provide an actual or competitive advantage (3) company took resonable measures to assure secrecy
Keeping Trade Secrets
1. Non-disclose agreements
2. Need to know basis
3. Encryption
4. Exit interviews
5. Employment Contracts
6. Education
7. Visitors Log
8. Architecture