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the principle of "one personl one vote: means wat
congressinal districts should be nearly equal in population.
a term of the redistibution of House seats among the states after a census is
the privilege of congressional immunity exempts members of congress from
being arrested while attending legislative session or traveling to and from them
since the 17th amendment was ratied, senators have been chosen by
popular vote
during the past 40yrs which area of the country has been gaining the most population
the salaries of members of congress are determined by
the franking privilege gives members of congress
free postal service
the 3 of members in the Hous of Rep. from each state
it determined by the state's population
senators must be at least what age when they take office
30yrs old
the term for a house of congress officially declaring disapproval of one of its members, w/o kicking him out is
if a senator resigns or dies in office how may the seat be filled?
either the governor of the state may call a special election or the state legislature may grant the governor power to appoint a replacement.
which body of congress tend to be more responsive to their constiuent's wishes
the house
wat is it called when congress kicks out its members
how many members of the house of reps. are there
wat is approximate salary of US senators and reps.
it is called ________ when boundary lines of districts are manipulated to favor or discriminate aginst groups.
it is called ________ when an individual intentionally says something untrue that could harm someone's reputation.
_____- powers are those speciffically granted to congress, in the constitution
who is more likely to be replaced, if they die in the middle of a term, a representative or a Senator
who/ wat is in charge or redrawing district boundaries after a census
state legislative
it is callled ________ when states redraw thier district boundaries after a census
a person who currently holds a seat in gov. is called __________>
"__________" powrs are those power not specifically granted to congress, but are necessary to carry out powrs granted by the constitution
a person who is represnted by a representative is called a ____________.
did Michinga gain or lose seats as aa result of the last population survery?
there are a total ______ US senators.
what is it called when members of congress add on extra spendign programst to bills to help the ppl they represent
pork baralling
members of the house of rep are elected for _______ yrs terms, & rep must be at least ________ yrs old.
2, 25
two areas that have non-voting reps. in the hosue of reps.
DC & Puerto Rico
what 1 piece of info gined by the censusn
people's ages.
4 fringe benefits of members of congress
*Frankling privelages
*pay less for hospital bills
*officil suit in the capitol
* $$ to pay staff.
two ways the senate uses its power of Advice and Consen
approve supreme court justice
approve treaties
two poers of the court handled by congress
congress establishes federal courts.
congress can impeach justices
two reasons why current officeholders have advantages over challengers in elections.
easier to raise $$ for campign.
already have a track record
t/f teh lame duck amendment is the 20th amendment
t/f a special session is when the president calls back congress for an emergency
who breaks a tie vote in the senate
the hosue official whose main task is to organize the opposition to the majority party is the
minority leader
a congressional "term" is a ______ year period.
when the house and the senater both meet together for an even like the State of the Union Address, it is called a ___________.
joint session
________ is the mutual exchgane of political favors
log rolling
_______________ it the most powerful position in the House and a member of the majority party.
Speaker of the House
______________ is the true leaer of the Senate and a member of the majority party
President pro Tem
_____________ is avialabe to any congressman and provide 800 staff mebers to do research
library of congress
congress man are usually working in DC on the days of _______________ and in committees or in their home distric on the days of ________.
tuesday - thursday
Friday - Monday
a _______ committe is a permanent committee
the senate __________ is the person who represents the majority party inthe senate, and tries to determine and influence how many Senators are voting for the their side on the bill
majority whip
u would send a bill to ______ committee if the house and senate agree to two different versions of the bill
a ______ is an amendment added to a bill taht has nothing to do with the bill athat is added
to -________ a bill is to kill the bill by refusing to pass it out of a committee
wat portion of the congress must approve a bill in order for it to be sent to the president
wo can break a tie vote in the senate
___ are the only ppl who can introduce a bill
Congress man
Sponsors are ppl who __________ the bill.
write and crate
wahat does it take to override a presidentilal veto
2/3 vote from both congress
in which body of congress, mus discussion be germane
house of rep
when a bill come out of committee where does it go
the whole chamebr for debate
wat is a filibuster
monopolizeing a debate in order to prevent a bill for being passed
what body of congress can utilize a filibuster
an appropiations bill must originate in which body of congress
who is the senate majority leader
Henry Reid
Who is speaker of the house
Nacey Pelosi
to impeach a federal official ia to
charge te official with a serious crime
a president may be remove from office only by a ____ vote o fthe Senate
the presidkent's salary is _____ per yr.
a president is elected to
one four year term
line of presidential succession
president pro tempore of the senate, speaker of the house, secreatary of defense
which gov officials are able to impeach a president
one a president has been impeached, he is tired by the
the only president to ever resign form office was
teh # of electors to which each state is entitle equals
the total # of senators and repseneatative it has in congress
what is the magic # needed to be preisdent
which amendment to the constitution is required electors to cast separate ballots for president and vice president
teh slate of electors from each state is choosen by
the state's political parties
who set th epolicy of a president serving only 2 terms