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the focus of socialogy is on
a the systematic study of human groups
the argument that all other intsitutioal arrangements is society arise out of economics
a economic deterination
todays global economy the conflic theoryist would see peripheral as
d comparatively poor nations w/ limitted resources
symbolic interactivity analyze society on the basis of
c negotiations related to shared meaning
the tendency to judge other societies according the ones own cultural standards
c ethnocentrism
which of the fallowing refers to a category of people who are distinct because of cultural characteristic from gen to gen
b ethnic groups
deviance is
d bahavior that violates social norms
what theory states inequality is nesessary to the stability of scoiety
b conflict theory
theorist beliebe society is driven by intense completion over scarce resources
c conflict
which of the fallowing had the greatest impact on the early developement
a industrial revolution
norms with moral significance that supports core valves that are important to society
c mores
image we have of our selfs based on how others view us
c looking glass self
american dream justifies inequality by maintaining
b that equality of opportunity exis. there for...
2 or more people who interact with in a shared social structure for a common perpus
d group
unequal treatment of individuals because of membership is a group
d discrimination
reflects structural functionalist approach to gender roles
a the family works more effectively
when a person who attempts the " fit in"
c a conformist
what is globalization
a extensive interconnection among nations
capialism is an economic system that is based on
d competition
1st african american to get a dr. form harvard
d web dubois
"nature vs nurtur" what least applies to nurture
b heredity
group size up is it least likely for individuals will come forward to completes group task
c diffusion of responsibility
parents grands, kids and gran kids live under one roof
c extened fam.
"women's work" and "men's work" traditioal house hold chores said by....
c symbolic interactionist perspective
weber call self denying approach way of life practiced by many religions
a prostestant
the values and related behaviors of a group that distingish its members from the large within a world
standers by which people define what is desirable
Cultural Transmission
education, the way schools transmit a society's culture
Voluntary Association
a group made up of people that voluntarily organize ont eh basis of some mutural interests
2 or more people who consider themselves related by blood marriage or adoption
Minority Group
people who are singled out for unequal treatmean and who regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination
durkheim's workd for a condition of society in which people become detaced from there norms
economic system characterized by the private ownership of the means of production
the behaviors obligation and privilege attached to status
Agents of Socialization
people or groups that affect our self concept attitudes behaviors or other orientations towards life
Achieved Status
positions that are erned
an act of unfair treatmeant
Social Integration
the degree to which members of a group feel united by hared values and bonds
expression of approval or disapproval given o people for upholding or violation norms
Material Culture
material objects that distinguish a proup . ie art building s hairstyle
ability to carry out your own will
Anticipatory Socialization
bc one anticipates a future role . one learns part of it now
language belifes values norms and behaviors that are passed from one generation to the next
Social Structure
the framework taht surounds us.. relationships of people and groups to one another.
Auguste Comte
applying the scientivf method to the social world aka positivism
Max Weber
Institutional Discrimination
neg. treatment of one person by another on the basis of that persons perceived characteristics
ceremonies or receptive practices
prejudice discrimination and hostility directed against people bc of there age
a group of values place its members in oppositions to the borader culture
Max Weber
class conflict ....bourgeoisi..
Discuss in detail the major assumptions of Structural Functional Theory
1. Stability - Every part of society works together to keep society stable.
2. Harmony - All members share a basic consensus of valueS as guidelines.
3. Change should be evolutionary (slow...a process of natural adaptation).
how do structural functionalists view stratification based on social class in society?
schools, family, the economy - as
fitting/working together in such a way as to maintain a stable and smooth rlJnnin~ society
Include in your discussion 2 specific examples to support the functionalist view.
School has the manifest function of teaching skills essential for our society......and keeping kids off the streets