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Local school boards have been delegated powers and duties by ?
State government
School board members are usually selected by ?
Election by the community members
The commissioner of education is the chief executive officer of the ?
State School Board
Carrying out the laws of the state legislature in regard to educcation is the responsibility of ?
State Department of Education
The functioning of the state department of education is most directly affected by ?
State Board of Education
The primary federal education agency is ?
U.S. Department of Education
A method of communication necessary to be a good administrator is ?
Face to Face
Jan was just hired as a school district superintendent, her duties are many? Which duty is the most relevant to keeping her job?
Informing and advising the school board on district matters.
Good public relations by school personnel is ?
The U.S. Department of Education has which responsibility?
Administering grant funds and contracting-engaging in education innovative research-providing leadership related to education
When questions about teacher conduct are raised in court, a major concern is whether the behavior in question ?
Impairs the teachers classroom effectiveness.
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that non-disruptive expressions of views by students is ?
allowed with no limitations.
As a result of Goss v. Lopez, students are seen as having a property interest in their education. Because of this ?
students cannot b e suspended without due process.
With the U.S. Supreme Court's recent emphasis on teh reasonableness of school policies, more responsibility falls on ?
The State Legislature
Which Supreme Court ruling held that "students connot be discriminated against in their admittance of public schools on the basis of race"?
Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
Where can someone find State laws governing school districts in Kansas?
Kansas Statutes
Who has the final say on what is included in the Board policies of school district?
Local School Board
The rules and principles that a district must follow when attempting to dismiss a tenure tacher are mandated by the ?
Due Process guidelines
Students who object to saying the pledge of allegiance at school ?
Cannot be made to do so.
When identifying dress codes for students, court rulings indicate that schools should ?
Determine the educational purpose for the restrictions.