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What three things contributed to the removal of Native Americans from the Plains?
Gold Rush
Homestead Act
Buffalo Killed
Explain the significance of the Progressive Era to people then and now.
1880's - early 1900's.

Return control of government back to the people / Economic / Social / Prohibition
Name at least one progressive reformer and reform / act
Jane Addams - Hull House

Meat inspection act
National parks
Pure food and drug act
What three factors fueled American Imperialism in the late 1890's early 1900's?
Military Bases
Better Economy
Ratial Suppority
What country came into American possession during this time?
What does W.A.S.P stand for and how does it fint into American imperialism?

-- Ratial suppority --
What were the four basic reasons that Europe went to war in 1914?
The assenation of Arch Duke Furnand
Compition to see who could have the most land
Nationalism - 100% belief in your own country
Alliance System
What two incidents caused the US to give up neutrality and enter the war?
Blwoing up innocent people on the boat Lucitenia
Explain the Treaty of Versailles. What does it require Germany to do?
[ 1 ] Admit to the fault of the war
[ 2 ] Demilitarize
[ 3 ] Pay for the damages they caused.
[ 4 ] Give up their colonies

((ended WWI))
Name and explain two things that happened during the 1920's.
Evolution vs. Creationism
Mass Media
Explain the phrase "Buying on Margin"
Buys only part of the stock and borrow the rest of the money.
When did the Social Security program of the New Deal pass?
When was Herbert Hoover president of the USA
1924 - 1928
What did the Civilian Conservation Corps do?
Put unemployed men to work
Who stared the fireside chats?
Franklin D. Roosevelt