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what distance should swine facilites be apart?
1.5 miles
what does APHIS stand for
Animal Plant Health inspection service
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrom. cuases late term abortion, stillbirth and weak pigs, pnemonea
Porcine parvovirus
DNA virus. virus is shed for 2 weeks and remains in the enviroment for 4 weeks. piglets are borne mummified.
Swine influenza
2 strains. may cause abortion.
Porcine corona virus
Highly infectious. Mortality is age related. GI tissue is affected
Clostridial enteritis
CI perfergins type C. Purple gut affects pigs less than 7 days old. their is a vaccine
Swine dysentery
caused by a spirochete. muco hemmorhage collitis, present in 40% of herds
vaccines available, bacterial disease causes skin leasions, arthritis, heart valve problems, sudden death
Salt poisoning
Excess salt or sudden water deprovation. CNS signs.
Edema disease
Due to E-coli, post- weaning. sudden death
Atrophic rhinitis
bordetella, pasturella
lameness/ leg weakness. degenberation of articular and growth cartilage
genetics, exercise, dietary restrictions
Alpha herpes virus. abortion and prenatal death. erradicated