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Endangered Species Act of 1973

* The ESA ONLY protects species that are officially listed as "threatened" or "endangered"
ESA (description)
The act is designated to protect critically endangered species from extinction due to "the consequences of economy growth and development"
What Does It Say?
1. Forbids Federal Agenceis from carrying out actions that may jeopardize the existed of endangered species

2. Forbids any gov't agency, coroporation or citizen from harming or killing endangered animals without a permit

3. Once a species is listed as threatened or endangered the ESA request that "critical habitate" be designated for that species. Protects habitats in which the species may live in.
Who Carry's It Out?
1. Administered by both the USFWS (United States Fish and Wildlife Service) and NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

2. The act contains a citizen clause, which allows citizens to sue the gov't to enforce the law.
How Can A Species be Listed?
1. If the USFWS or NOAA directly lists the species

2. Via individual or organizational petition that prompts USFWS or NOAA to conduct a scientific review
ESA (Categories)
1. Candidate

2. Threatened

3. Endangered
IUCN (International Union Conservation)
LC=Least Concern
NT=Near Threatened: Close to qualify for, or likely to be threatened in the near future
VU=Vulnerable: Considdred to be facing HIGH risk of extinction in the wild
EN=Endangered: VERY HIGH risk
CR=Critically Endangered: EXTREMELY HIGH risk
EW=Extinct in Wild