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3 estates
clergy, nobles, bourgeuise,
10% of land, 20% of land, 70 %
.5% pop, 1.5% pop, 98% pop.
no taxes, no taxes taxes
constitution of 1791
limited monarchy lefislative assembly had power of laws, taxes and decisions, replaced old provincesm reformed laws
declaration of rights of man
assembly issued, born and remain free and equal in rights, liberty, property, security and resistance of oppression, all male citizens were equal before law, freedom of religion
reign of terror
robespierre, 40,000 people died
many in prisons
quick hasty trials
napoleonic code
principles of enlightenment, undid womens rights, valued order over individual rights
storming of bastille
angry mob stormed...........
killed guards in search of gun powder, found none but ripped the whole building down