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When a method has the same name, but different parameter list, what is it called?
Overloaded method
A design priciple in which both data and program logic are included with a single self-contained unit is?
An input control that accepts keyboard text entry is called ?
a text box
One of the eight golden rules for designing interactive interfaces which make users feel that they are deciding what to do is?
Support internal locus of control.
A _______ serves as the divider betwen the object name and the specific object identifier.
Low level design that includes the design of the program modules and algorithmic logic is referred to as ?
detail design
A metaphor of human-computer interaction is referred to as ?
direct manipulation metaphor
The study of end uses and their interactions with computers?
human computer interaction(HCI)
A key principle of HCI stating that the appearance of any control should suggest its functionality is called ?
What is not one of the principles of user centered design?
business requirements drive development(BRDD)
A relational database table is in second normal form(2NF)if every non key field is ?
functionally dependent on the primary key
Class and relationship declarations are written in ?
Object Definition Language(ODL)
Radio buttons are also called ?
Option buttons
What is only feasible when a database schema can be cleanly divided among client access user groups?
A partitioned database server architecture
A significant disadvantage of single server database architecture is?
it can result in a saturated network
What is a consistent relational database state in which every foreign key value is also a primary key value?
referential integrity
A key principle of HCI stating that all controls should be noticeable..
A group of computers of the same type that share processing load and act as a single large computer system is called...
clustered architecture
The domain model class diagram serves as an input model to a ?
Design class diagram
Perceptual aspects of the user interface include...
everything the user sees, hears, or touches
The deployment of all computer systems in a single location is called...
centralized architecture
What is a qualitative measure of the consistency of functions...
What is not a reason for using a distributed database?
Users can only update a database in their own local area.
What can have a wide variety of complex data types,because a designer can define a needed data type as a new class?
Object oriented database
The final step in the ojbect oriented design process consists of developing?
Package diagrams
A field or set of fields stored in one table that also exists as a primary key in another table is?
A foreign key
a multistep process of determining which objects work together
interaction diagram
First appeared as fledgling commercial products in the early 1990's..
object database management systems
Forms programmed using HTML that follow internet conventions...
browser forms
one to one
Operating systems deliberately include an electronic click sound for keyboard and mouse...
offer informative feedback
Not part of multilayer object-oriented design
function module
User interface objects labeled with...
stereotype boundary
Interaction diagram provides information for a
design class diagram
Sequence diagrams do not indicate
dependency relationships
Use case specific methods must be included in
a design class diagram
Since it is not always clear...designers should apply the principle
Input controls used in groups
radio button and check box
A class that acessing both internet and a database has
very low cohesion
Network equipment that directs info within the network
Global collection of networks..
Loosely coupled group of people
virtual organization
Manages one or more info system resources
Programs that send requests to servers..
Analysts define scope of problem
analysis phase
requests to add new functions after decisions are finalized
scope creep
Top executives decision to
outsource all
Info systems that are tailored to exact needs....
custom built software
Must be performed to account for changes in business processes, broader scopes,higher levels of automation
Operational, organizational,and cultural feasibility study
Mandatory,important,desirable categories used to
determine scope