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Where did the renaissance begin?q
Italy City States
Why did the Renaissance begin in this location?
because alot of people made lots of money in Italy (crossroads of Trade)
Renaissance means_____?
Renaissance scholars were mainly interested in studying______?
Ancient Greek and Roman Classical Writting
Who invented the moveable type printing press?
Johannes Guttenberg
Which family held power and supported the arts in Florence?
Who created the sculpture "DAVID" Describe this work?
Michelangelo-Statue of David naked.
Which person did we study who had so many interests that he is usually reffered to as teh TRUE RENAISSANCE MAN?
Leonardo Da Vinci
What is a florin?
The money used during the Renaissance
Who wrote the book "The Courtier"?
Balossare Castiglione
Describe the ideal Renaissance person based on the description given in THE BOOK OF THE COURTIER?
Knowladge in art, science, sports,and politics (well rounded person)
Which Italian city-state was the early center for the Renaissance?
Who wrote THE PRINCE?
What did THE PRINCE advise leaders to do?
Leaders to become powerful and strong leaders, and to use force when needed.
Identify and describe 2 of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous works.
1.Mona Lisa-Smilling women
2.Last supper-Jesus eating his last supper with his followers.
What is fresco?
Paint right on the wet plaster then it drys to part of the wall.
Describe Michelangelo's pieta which is found in St. Perter's Church at the Vatican.
Mary holding the lifeless body of Jesus.
What is linear perspective?
using mathimatically formulas in order to make a 3 dimentional painting.
how are leonardo and michelangelo alike?
Italian Renaissance artists
who designed the dome of the florence catherdral?
Who designed the dome of st. peter's church in rome?
identify ideas that leonarodo da vinci dreamed up and drew plans for?
scuba gear
the renaissance intellectual focusing on the celebration of human potential and emphasizing classical learning was _____?
what is meant by secular music?
worldly music (not religious)
what was the difference between italian renaissance art and nothern renaissance art?
Italian focused more on mythology (gods and godesess)
nothern artists painted more real life paintings
how were the ideas of the italian renaissance spread to the north?
printing press
italian renaissance artists drew much of their inspiration from what ancient cultures?
greek and roman
define patron?
someone who finationally supports the arts (medici)
describe the type of goverment in Italy during the renaissance/
independent city states
how did many renaissance artists learn about human anatomy?
disected humans
what was the counter-reformation?
catholic responce to the retreonation
define predestination
belief that god no's before your born weather you will go to heaven or hell.
what were the 95 theses?
list of complants that martin luther had against the catholic church
what is an indulgence
a document that would reduce someone's time in pergatory
what was the index?
list of books that no good catholic would read.
what happened to the christian church during the reformation?
split into many parts
which group during the reformation held the doctrine of prestination?
who broke with the catholic church because he was not granted a divorce bye the catholic church?
henry 8th
what practice caused martin luther to challenge the catholic churhc?
sale of indulgences
define vernacular
the language that the people of the area speak
what was the coucil of trent?
coucil of catholic bishops that abolished the sale of indulgences
what was the name given to the new church that henery 8th established?
what invention played an important role in spreading reformation ideas?
printing press
list the four ways in which the catholic church tried to reform itself during the period known as the courtier reformation
1.coucil of trent
4.reforming orders
waht was one of the most destructive religious wars fought in europe during the reformation era that lasted for 3 decades.
30 years war
what were french protestants called?
what was the edict of nantes?
decleration that gave some freedoms to the hugenots
what type of goverment did thomas hobbes support
absolute monarchs
what was meant by "dive right to kings"
king has the right to rule-got the righr from god directly
who were the rulers of the 2 countries involved in the military event known as the spanish armada?
elizabeth 1st and phillip 2nd
indentify the country ruled abd at least one significant fact about the following....
elizabeht-england=spanish armada and encouraged arts
phillip-spain=catholic and spanish armada
james-england=commishined the translating of the bible to english