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Washington Irving
Romantic, 1st American to win int'l recognition published Sketch Book, Rip Van Winkle, Sleepy Hollow
pen names: Geoffrey Crayon and Diedrick Knickerbocker
James Fenimore Cooper
1st creator writer of fiction in American literature to make extensive use of Amer. land; lived in NY, well-to-do family, 1st American novelist of the sea; wrote Precaution, Spy, Leatherstocking Tales- Pioneer (natty bumpo)
William Cullen Bryant
early Romantic poet, his poetry is modern and fwd looking, leader of abolitionist movement; wrote "Thanatopsis"; Death of Lincoln, nature poetry
Edgar Allan Poe
foster parents the allan's; women in life: sarah royster, mom's, virginia; 1st book of poetry Tamerlain; served in army; bipolar; wrote raven, fall of the house of usher,ligeia, etc.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
transcendentalist, wife ellen tucker and later lydia jackson, went to school for ministry even though he doubted religion,wrote Nature,divinity school address; american scholar (essay); self reliance (essay); journals
Margaret Fuller
drowned on sunken ship returning from italy to america; involved in transcendental club; edited journal The Dial; wrote Woman in the 19th century (1st full length investigations of equality in American lit.
Henry David Thoreau
transcendentalist; speaks to other generations more than his own; wrote Walden (journal not novel); born and raised in Concord, MA; "Week on Concord and Merrimack rivers," Civil Disobedience (most impt essay in Amer. lit)
Nathaniel Hawthorne
born in Salem, MA; married sophia peabody; themes: right/wrong, good/evil, illusion/reality; able to create believable female characters; lived in solitude in room for many years; wrote minister's black veil, wakefield, mosses from old manse(young goodman brown, birthmark, rappaccini's daughter), house of 7 gables,my kinsman, major moulineux
Herman Melville
novelist of the sea; born in NYC; went to sea aboard a merchant ship then whaling ship; 1st novel- Typee, wrote Moby Dick; Piazza Tales- Bartelby the Scrivener, Benito Cereno, civil war poetry- portent, maldive shark, etc.
Walt Whitman
aware of fallibility of human beings,Leaves of Grass-section of civil war poetry, helped nurse soldiers during war; wrote "there was a child went forth"; "song of myself"
Abraham Lincoln
cussicient (short and eloquent at the same time); reply to horace greely(official duty v. personal wish); 1st and 2nd inagural address
Harriet Jacobs
wrote about life as a slave and the horrible incidents she encountered; psychological fear (sexually abused by her master); in NC; slave narrative
Fredrick Douglas
harsh beating more physical fear; accused of not writing his works b/c of his eloquence; slave; abolitionist
Rebecca Harding Davis
life in iron mills, most workers were unmarried women, lived in dormitory still buildings, worked 6 days/week, 12 hours/day; working to help out her poor family and create a small dowry to be more appealing to men
Harriet Beecher Stowe
wanted to encourage white middle class northerners to get out and become actively involved in abolitionist movement; Uncle Tom's Cabin was imperative to the demise of slavery; husband Calvin; Uncle Tom is a Christ like figure who forgives everyone before he dies; best selling novel of its time