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What does the ripple edit do? What's the hot key?
The ripple edit can lengthen or shorten a clip. It only affects one edit point. All clips are moved over to fill in the gap left over by the edit. The hot key is rr.
What does the rolling edit tool do? What's the hot key?
The rolling edit tool lets you change the in and out points of two clips side by side. The clips are dragged over each other so no gaps or anything are made. The hot key is r.
What is the hot key for the select edit selection tool? What does it do?
It can be used to select one or more edit points. When you release the mouse, it opens the trim edit window. The hot key is g.
What does the group selection tool do? What is the hot key?
The group selection tool simply selects clips, it doesn't do anything else. The hotkey is gg.
What does the range slection do? What's the hot key?
The range selection tool allows you to select only portions of a certain clip and drag it off or affect only that piece of the clip.The hotkey is ggg.
What are the track slections tools? What are the hotkeys?
t = Foreward track selection tool.
tt = Backwards track selection tool.
ttt = Everything on that track.
tttt = Everything on that track all things to right
ttttt= Everything on all tracks to the left.
What is the slip edit tool? What is the hotkey?
You can choose a middle clip and change it's in and out points. The overall duration of the middle frame doesn't change. It shows in the view port the in and out points. Not affected in terms of duration, only affected in terms of duration.

Hotkey - s
What is the slide tool? What is the hotkey for the slide tool?
The slide clip changes the in point of the first clip and the out point of the third clip in a seriese of three clips.

Hotkey- ss
What is the hot key for the normal razor blade tool?
What is the hot key for the cut all razor tool?
How do you mend a razor edit?
Right click on the red triangles, and choose join through edit. It will heal the cut point.
How do you make a clip vertically larger or smaller?
Click on one of the rectangles in the lower left hand corner to get the desireable size.
What does the hand tool do? What is the hotkey?
It lets you drag along the timeline.
Hotkey- h
What does the scrub tool do? What is the hotkey?
The scrub tool lets you drag through the clip and see the preview in the thumbnail.
Hotkey - hh