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Sauls V Crosby
can't cut down trees and sell it because it loses the value for the remained interest. Can't waste property at the expense of the person who is going to inherit it after you die. (Life estates)
Nahrstedt V Lakesie villiage condo
no pet rule, Nahrstedt took them to court because they wanted to take away her cats. She lost. Her argument was that they shouldnt have known she had cats. (condos)
Dolan V Tigard
wanted to make her store bigger and they say yes but she has to make a public greenway to minimize flooding and a bike path. She didn't think it was fair but she lost.
Qualitex V Jacobson products
qualitex sued for trademark infringement because jacobson used green gold press pads. Jacobson argued color was generic but he lost.
SEC V Haney
contract in an orchard where people put money in and relied on orcharder to take care of it.
Gustafson V Alloyd Co
recession of a previous agreement.
Howard V Everex System
corporate officers should not be allowed to make important false financial statmements knowingly or recklessly, yet still shield themselves from liability to investors simply by failing to be involved in the preparation of those statements.
US V Winans and Carpenter
criminal action against WS. Writer that traded on misappropriation. Winans owed a fiduciary duty not to do anything before it was printed.
US V Falcone
the stretchability of the misappropriation theory. when from business to printers to distribution to falcone. All were liable and had a fiduciary duty
Bristol Myers
bringing the sales from the next quarter into this quarter to make it look like they hit their numbers. (Channel stuffing)
taking money in and out of the cookie jar when they make or lose money
SEC V Texas Gulf Sulphur
did tests and found it was a very good vein of minerals, but didnt disclose it to the public. The insiders knew and bought stock. THey told the public that it was no big deal so the public sold their stock and 2 weeks later they corrected it. (10b case)
Fickling V NY
to be promoted you have to pass a test but the test didnt really relate to what the job was about, and he proved it wasnt necessary to take this test for the job promotion.
SOlomen Smith Barney
boom boom room. costs them $3.2 million
the waren had sexual affairs with 3 subordinates and the hothers werent getting promoted.
HArris V Forklift
he would tell her he had change in his pocket could she take it out? IT went all the way to the supreme court. Question was this more than just horse play? You dont have to have a mental breakdown for it to be considered a hostile environment.
Oncale V Sundowners offshore
case of men sexually harassing men. No escape because it was offshore.
UAW V Johnson control
they didnt want the women to be allowed to work in the room with certain gases but you cant do that because its discrimination even though they were trying to protect the fetus
Western Airlines V Criswell
assumed that 62 is the age where you arent qualified to fly anymore. You must test them to see if they are qualified cant assume based on age
Hodgson V Greyhound lines
did a study that showed safest drivers are 55 withw 15 yrs of exp. Because of this they had a policy that they would not hire over 35. Case was upheld and it was considered legitimate
Reeves V SAnderson Plumbing
Fired him because they said reeves had a problem with absenteeism and was making more mistakes because he was getting older. These were proved wrong and reeves won.