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Schizophrenia Type I is most likely due to...
neurotransmitter abnormality
ADHD kids most likely to have long term problems if also have...
conduct problems
The Halstead Reitan has to be administered by...
a trained person
Who shows greater medical treatment compliance?
younger kids
Self-perception theory means people base their attitudes upon...
their behaviors
What is brief psychotherapy based upon?
What is the greatest risk factor for childhood depression?
parent w/mood disorder
Probably of a schizophrenic person having a NON-twin sibling with schizophrenia?
Early Alzheimer's deficits due to decreased activity in
cholinergic neurons
How is Halstead Reitan scored?
number of subtests below criterion = impairment index
Left brain damage related to what type of response style?
What is centration?
focus on one aspect in a situation
What stage does centration occur?
Fear of speaking in front of people is...
social phobia
Lesions in prefrontal causes...
lowered executive functioning
What does paired-comparisons in an organization do?
maximally differentiates among people
Temporal area is responsible for what 3 functions?
speech, auditory, & LTM
Damage to temporal lobe leads to problems with what 2 things?
speech comprehension & episodic memory
Group polarization leads to...
more risky or conservative decisions
What kind of data can be used with multiple regression but NOT in factorial ANOVA?
categorical or continous
Who proposed a behavioral career theory?
When does sleep terror occur and end?
Begins age 4-12 and ends before adolescence
Item response theory cannot be used to...
develop culture fair tests
Computer adaptive testing will yield...
equally accurate results for all
DSM's categorical approach is also called?
If corpus callosum severed, a person won't be able to ___ something placed in his/her ___ hand if can't ___
name -- left -- see it
Sensate focus addresses..
premature ejaculation
How many sessions needed to address specific phobia?
explain how validity and reliability are related...
validity =
sqrt reliability
Adolecents who act out may be...
Piaget says cognitive development happens due to..
biological maturation & environmental stimulation
Social learning marital therapy involves..
behavioral therapy + problem solving training
WAIS scaled scores can be calculated with...
manual, age, raw scores
Sue's Identity Development model says dissonance is...
conflicted about minority and majority influences
Kluver-Bucy syndrome related to damage to..
A substance that mimics a transmitter is called..
Substance dependence maintained by..
R+ by a variety of factors
Low validity coefficient on a job selection test requires?
low selection ratio
low selection ratio means
many applicants for a few job openings
How do stepfathers compare to biological fathers?
Stepfathers tend to do less
Purpose of organizational feedback is to..
help organization understand data that was collected
Parkinson's related to what level of which neurotransmitter?
low dopamine
Older adults have impaired episodic memory, which is part of what type of memory?
First researchers to use meta analysis?
Smith & Glass
Cross modal perception (e.g., hearing smells) also called...
What family factors contribute to aggressive kids?
parental rejection & power assertive discipline
Bandura says that participant modeling increases what...
self-efficacy of the observer
Herzberg says increase job satisfaction for a SATISFIED worker by?
changing job content
Erikson's last 2 stages are?
industry vs. inferiority
-- ego integrity vs. despair
What is flooding?
exposure to CS w/out aversive CS present
Goal setting is applicable to:
males & females
4 stages of neuron development
proliferation, migration, differentiation, myelination
Sedative rebound effect occurs when?
stopping meds results in increased anxiety before it decreases
Family therapist says identified patient will change if...
family changes
Orbitofrontal cortex involved with...
emotional reactions
Stress is associated with...
migraine & tension headaches
How is suicide risk related to parents?
single parent homes have increased suicide risk
When prescribing tricyclics to a depressed person, you need to?
consider suicide risk
Major Depressive disorder in girls vs. boys?
2.5x higher
1. Complex partial seizure related to..
2. Petit mal seizure related to..
1. impaired temporal lobe
2. impaired thalamus
1. complex partial seizure also called..
2. grand mal seizure also called..
3. petit mal seizure also called..
1. temporal lobe epilepsy
2. tonic clonic
3. absence
OCD related to increased in..
caudate nucleus
Babies who are avoidant have mothers who are?
neglectful or impatient
Hetergeneous groups are related to?
creativity and improved decision making
Cohesive groups are productive when?
management is supportive
Asian American families tend to...
have lower divorce and lower female head families
Minorities score higher than whites in what identity stage?
Peripheral vision processed in..
anterior occipital lobe
Autistic kids who speak do what?
reverse pronouns
Korsakoff's has...
impaired recent LTM but no other cognitive impairments
Clonidine causes what side effects?
dry mouth, hypotension, headache
Reactive inhibited kids are?
WAIS subtest least affected by aging?
Prosopagnosia related to damage in..
bilateral occipitotemporal
Alzheimer's score low on what WAIS?
Social inhibition in babies occurs by age...
4 months
(-) R+ related to...
escape & avoidance
How is turnover related to satisfaction?
turnover related to dissatisfaction
Forensic psych's need to do what w/their evals?
acknowledge limits of data
Paired comparisons are good because they __ but are bad because they __
maximally differentiate between people --
are difficult
amount of variability accounted for is...
eta squared
Incremental validity of a selection test determined by what 3 things?
base rate, selection ratio, test validity
You can't keep adding tests to a regression because of..
Relationship between morals and behavior?
no real relationship though relationship becomes more stronger at higher moral stages
Relationship between morals and culture?
cultural differences seen particularly in early moral stages
Beck says an automatic thought is
an interpretation of an event
Today's leaders need to be what 3 things?
independent, innovative, flexible
Apraxia associated with damage to?
parietal lobe
People acting out in a large crowd happens because of?
Old african american suicide stat age --- New african american suicide stat age
Sue says minority client who feels negatively about their own culture is in what stage?
Decentration and transitivity occur during what Piaget stage?
concrete operational
HMOs must provide?
shortterm outpatient, crisis intervention
OCD preoccupation different from OCPD how?
OCPD preoccupied w/perfectionism
Resolution of Erikson's last stage involves..
finding meaning of life
Adolescents believing "it won't happen to me" indicates
adolescent egocentricism
Borderlines will respond to group therapy if..
also given individual
Lewin states behavior is...
a function of person & environment
ADHD related to size of..
caudate nucleus
Borderlines tend to exhibit..
instable thought & feeling
Tiedeman & O'Hara's career theory emphasizes what Erikson's concept?
Battered women stay hooked because?
costs and benefits are equal
Bowen says people reduce family tension via...
Differential prediction reflected by?
test score differences not evident of work performance differences
Hippocampus damage causes what 2 things?
LTM issues & amnesia
Authoritative parents show..
warmth and control
Brand name for ADHD med?
Frame of reference training is for...
decreasing rater bias
Learned helpless individuals believe they lack....
Object relation therapists...
identify introjects & provide support
Whose leadership model deals with a decision tree?
Vroom Yetton
Discrimination hypothesis, frustration theory, & sequential theory deal with...
why intermittent R+ leads to increased responding during extinction
Traditional neuroleptics...
decrease TD (tardive dyskinesia)
Depressed older adults tend to talk less about?
Implosive therapy is what 2 things?
imaginal and stimulus presented with maximal intensity
Quality oriented cultures do NOT emphasize
an individual focus
Mahler says individuation is..
difference between self & others
Alzheimer's related to damage to..
temporal lobe
Solomon 4 group involves?
evaluate pretesting effects
Positive outcome after stress related to
perceived support
Carb craving & hypersomnia related to what disorder?
mood disorder w/seasonal pattern
Parent and child colluding is called...
Parkison's disease related to damage to..
substantia nigra
Correlation most affected by?
reliability of tests
MR involves...
impaired IQ & adaptive skills
onset before age 18
Satisficing choice made by?
Fetal alcohol EFFECTS means
less severe but still irreversible
Brainstorming works best when...
1st individual work, then followed by group work
Theory that talks about what genders should do?
gender schema
Self directed teams do not include..
specialist workers
Comparable worth in a job determined by?
job evaluation
Children with a disorganized attachment may grow up to be antisocial and are susceptible to...
early maltreatment
MR due to?
early embryonic abnormalities
Relationship between categorical and continuous measured by?
point biserial
Damage to right hemisphere causes what emotions?
extremes of indifference or excessive cheer
Positive feedback in an org. used to tell the org. what specific information?
what they can correct
Herzberg says increase satisfaction in a DISSATISFIED worker by?
giving more responsibility
Joining with a family is called..
Correlation affected by what 3 things?
reliability, linearity, & homoscedastity
Atrophy of caudate nucleus related to?
What kind of goals increase productivity?
team goals
Stroop assesses what 2 things?
prefrontal lesions & attention problems
Personal reality within Industrial organizational was defined by..
Miller & Tideman
Autistic children learn via the behavioral approach of?
Troiden says gay development in boys...
begins sooner
Legal term for confidentiality?
priveleged communication
(-) R+ could also be called
escape conditioning
What predicts outcome of adult substance abuse?
severity of substance abuse problems
Simon's decision making model suggests use of a __ strategy
What social characteristic is more related to genetics than socialization?
Tonic clonic/grand mal seizures related to what impairment?
greater cognitive impairment
Medication for Parkinson's disease blocks what neurotransmitter?
peripheral message most likely to be listened to if person feels?
Mental imaging or visualization occurs because of functioning in the...
Schizophrenia type 2 doesn't have mania so how does it respond to meds?
meds less effective
School psychs do what?
assess, consult, make recs
Research design that has 2 or more independent variables
Factorial ANOVA
A peripheral message is more persuasive if it comes from..
a high status communicator
Vineland measures __ but not __
competencies but not abilities
Behavioral treatment for depression focuses on increasing activity and __
social skills training
Side effect of antipsychotics like chlorpromazine is
TD (tardive dyskinesia)
Which disorder has unusual perceptual experiences?
panic disorder
Parent of a baby not talking or walking by 18months should..
refer baby to a physician
Clinical name for superstition
illusory correlation
Right-left confusion is due to damage in the....
parietal lobe
Define for each disorder the associated neurotransmitter and brain structure:
OCD, ADHD, Parkinson's Alzheimer's, Huntington's
OCD- serotonin, caudate nucleus
ADHD- ?, striatum, cerebellum, frontal lobe
Parkinson's- low dopamine, substantia nigra
Alzheimer's- acetylcholine,
temporal lobe
Huntington's- low GABA, deterioration of caudate nucleus and basal ganglia
Childhood sexual abuse less severe when...
perpetrator is a stranger
Monotrait-heteromethod used to assess..
convergent validity
RET believes maladaptive...
beliefs determine behavior
Paying employees based upon ouput would..
increase productivity but decrease satisfaction
Beck says a depressed person would have what type of locus?
internal locus of responsibility and external locus of control
Beck says depression is based upon?
depressogenic schema
Split brain research shows language is processed where?
both sides of brain but speech is produced on the left side
Old age sexual problems is not likely due to...
orgasmic dysfunction
Positive and negative life events cause..
short term but not long term effects
A low test validity coefficient requires...
low selection ratio & moderate base rate
A slow heart rate is called
Relative strength of a score within an individual is called...
Alzheimer's executive functions that are impaired are..
planning & organizing
First thing cognitive therapist should do with a Dissociative Identity person...
establish a therapeutic alliance
Therapist who have sex w/clients...
tend to do so with younger patients
Early signs of dementia in HIV are...
cognitive slowing and apathy
Research has shown that difference cultures performance on job selection tests...
no significant difference
Anticholinergic symptoms include:
constipation, dizziness, blurred vision, and dry mouth
4 Risk factors for child psychopathology
severe marital discord, low SES, family size, parent criminality
Withdrawal from morphine leads to..
diarrhea and other increased body functions
Rationalist, cognitive therapy focuses on
thought stopping and decreasing automatic thoughts
Tourette's disorder includes
multiple motor tics and at least 1 verbal tic
Self-in-relation suggests..
depends on connection w/others
Systematic desensitization is also called
reciprocal inhibition
Another name for on site simulation training is..
vestibule training
Linnehan's dialectical behavior therapy includes..
social skills training
How are ethics and values different?
ethics - standards set by profession
values - judgement of right/wrong
Anxiety, Irritability, & Hyposomnia may indicate..
Ethnicity w/highest proportion of child abuse..
native americans
When don't want to take away treatment use a __ design but NOT a __ design...
multiple baseline
Dopamine hypothesis says..
1. stimulant activate dopamine receptors
2. dopamine involved w/extrapyramidal system
African American WISC scores are not...
related to examiner race
TQM (Total Quality Management) fails when...
employees not given enough responsibility
Hypnosis is...
inappropriate because not good with recollecting accurate memories
Percentile score is norm reference but NOT __
standard score
Prefrontal cortex damage affects which type of memory?
Fiedler focuses on __ leadership theory and says effective leader...

effective leader style matches task demand
MANOVA used on..
data w/more than 1 dependent
How do kids respond to psychotherapy?
girls respond best, particularly adolescent girls
Schizophrenia differs in western vs. non-western countries by
course and outcome
If a patient becomes delirious, you should...
stay w/them to calm them
AIDS related dementia first sign...
mild memory loss for recent events