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This is where the RN looks at the person as a whole, body, mind, spirit, not as a disease.
This is the smallest subsystem and they interact differently than within the whole.
_____-______ means that homeostatic mechanisms come into play automatically in the healthy person.
Homeostatic mechanisms are _____ because they tend to counteract conditions that are abnormal for the person.
____ feedback inhibits change which helps maintain the balance.
___ feedback stimulate change.
This family consists of married adult man and woman and their children together.
This family consists of his and her children
this family lives together without formal or legal bond
This family share a common bond, not blood or legal
This family consists of nonmarried parents in parental role.
This family is when there are as many as 5 generations living at the same time?
string bean families
The ____ of a system such as the skin in the human system, is a real or imaginary line that differentiates one system form another system or a system from its environment.
This system does not exchange energy, matter, or information with its environment; it receives no input form the environment and gives no output to the environment. Example, reaction in test tube.
closed system
This is a collection of people who share some attribute of their lives.
This is the mechanism by which some of the output of a system is returned to the system as input.
This system is where energy, matter, and info. move into and out of the system through the system boundary.
open system
This from a system is energy, matter, or information given out by the system as a result of its processes. An example is this from the digestive system includes caloric energy , nutrients, urine, and feces.
The family is the ______ of the individual
After the input is absorbed by the system, it is processed in a way useful to the subsystem. This transformation is called _____. for example, food is input to the digestive system; it is digested (?) so it can be used by the body.
This theorist view consist of: self actualization, self esteem needs, love and belonging needs, safety and security needs and physiologic needs?
Abraham Maslow
This theorist view is similar to maslow but he has one more level between safety and security and physiologic needs and that is stimulation needs?
____ emphasizes that children need to explore and manipulate their environments to achieve optimal growth and development. He notes that adults, too, often seek novel adventures or stimulating experiences before considering their safety or security needs.