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What would you check before giving lanoxin?
What would you check before giving antihypertensive meds?
blood pressure
what would you check before giving coumadin
clotting times
what would you check before giving insulin?
blood sugar
The window for medication administration
- typically there is a ______ pre and post the time the med is ordered t be given.
15-30 minutes
During preparation of a medication what three times should you check the med?
at the time you remove the med from the drawer, during the set up of the med, and when you return the med to the drawer
What type of meds should you not crush?
enteric coated and sustained release
What side of the bottle should you pour liquid medications from?
opposite the label
Where should you apply eye gtts to?
conjunctiva sac
When giving ear drops where how should you move the ear for an adult?, and for a child under 3?
up and back
down and back
Prior to administration of ear drops warm them under warm water , if not it may cause what?
dizziness and nausea
Where is medication giving sublingually picked up at?
the vessels under the tongue