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What is a theory?

Hint: Stimuli
An idead stimulated by research
What is a Hypothesis?

Hint: Building on theory
Predictions based on theorys
Building on theory
What are neurons?

Hint: some nerve
Nerve cells in the brain
some nerve
What is the central nervous system?

Hint: stacies is messed up
brain and spinal cord
stacies is messed up
What makes up periphial nervous system?

Hint: motor
sensory and motor neurons that connect the central to the rest of the body
What is the Somatic NS?

Hint: volunteer
Controls the voluntary movements of the skeletal muscles
What is the Autonomic NS?

Hint: auto
controls self-regulated actions of internal organs
What is the Sympathetic NS?

Hint: morning wood
morning wood
What is the Para-sympathetic NS?

Hint: loss of blood to the head
calming down
loss of blood to the head
What is the Thalamus?

Hint: regulator
takes in and directs messages from the brain
What is the Cerebellum?

Hint: opposite of uncoordinated
coordinates voluntary movements
opposite of uncoordinated
What does the amygdala do?

Hint: sum of all ____
fear and aggression
sum of all ____
What does the hypothalamus do?

Hint: the essentials
regulates body temp, thirst, hunger and sex
the essentials
What are the frontal lobes for?

Hint: motivational ____
speaking, muscle movements, judgements
motivational ________
What are parietal lobes for?

Hint: you have 5 of em
sensory cortex
you have 5 of em
What are temporal lobes for?

Hint: i don't need a hearing aid yet
i don't need a hearing aid yet
Stages of prenatal development?

Hint: before you were born
nurturing begins in the womb
before you were born
What are teratogens?

Hint: every thing risi did
bad for pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, etc.
every thing risi did
Sensation vs. Perception

Hint: organizes
we sense physical energy through sensations and we organize those sensations with perception
What is the Bottom up theory?

Hint: exactly as it sounds
from point of concact to brain integration
exactly as it sounds
What is the absolute threshold?

Hint: bare ______
the minimum amount of stimulation for detecting a certain stimulus 50% of the time
bare ______