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Couperose Definition/Appearance
Red, dehydrated skin due to surface heat. Flush easily, tealngeictasis, hyperemia, rosacea, dilated and broken capilaries that have weakened
Mature Definition/Appearance
Dry, dehydrated, atrophied skin lose of collagen and elastin. Thinning of the epidermis and hypermigmentation.
Alipidic Definition/Appearance
Oil glands don't produce enough sebum and intercellular lipids are lacking
Dehydrated Definition/Appearance
Skin lacking water, can appear scaley, taut, superficial lines, premature aging, crapiness and deep lines signify dermal dehydration
Acenic Definition/Appearance
Thick, coarse skin w/ extended follicular orfices.
- Oily, shiny surface
Sensitive/Allergic Definition/Appearance
Fine texture, think dermis, blood vessels very close to the skin's surface, blotchingess, redness, increased warmth dehydration, irritation, tendency towards dryness
Oily Definition/Appearance
Over active secretion of the sebaceous glands