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The Perfect Storm
George Clooney
d. wolfgang peterson
cinema 'realistic' b/c can recreate storm. 'be there'
chor. Busby Berkleby
d. ray enright
Formalistic film with dancers
Uses bird's eye shot
hearts and minds
d. peter davis
documentary image= truth over beauty
america's devastation of vietnam= tv newreels.
distant thunder
d. stayajit ray
realistic films= close correspondence of images to everyday reality
realistic cinema= deals with people from lower social echelons and often explores moral issues
seem unmanipulated
Mr Deeds Goes to Town
Gary Cooper
d. Frank Capra
Classical cinema= slightly stylized
characters appealing= audience encouraged to identify with values/ goals
The Seventh Seal
Bengt Ekerot and Max von Sydow
Cine. Gunnar Fischer
D. ingmar bergman
formalist cinmena= director's cinema
deal with ideas
medium of proagandistic artists
texture= symbolic
d. Jordan Belson
avant garde= subject matter<abstraction/emphasis of formal beauty
Raging Bull
robert denire
d. martin scorsese
based on actual events but boxing ring styled
the fifth element
spec. fx. digital domain
d. luc besson
Makoto Shinozaki
setting dominates extreme long shots
humans=dwarfed by visual insignificance=unimportant/ vulnerable
here, lovers oppressed by nature
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
robert deniro and kenneth branagh
d. branagh
long shots= same area as stage
almost famous
patrick fugit, kate hudson
d. cameron crowe
medium shot= shot of the couple
split focus= equality
romantic comedies, love stories, buddy films
bonnie and clyde
faye dunaway and barren beatty
d. arthur penn
high angles= powerless, trapped
halloween: the curse of michael myers
george wilbur
d. joe chappelle
extreme low angles= characters threatening and powerful
how green was my valley
cine. arthur miller
d. john ford
12 angry men
e.g. marshall, henry fonda
d. sidney lumet
angles=closing in on jury
irene jacob, jean louis trintignant
cine. piotr sobcoinski
d. krysztof kieslowski
three point lighting
key light=main light source
fill lights=soften harshness of main light source, revealing subsidiary details
backlights=separate foreground figures from setting
double indemnity
barabara stanwyck, fred macmurray
d. billy wilder
film noir= lack of lights
world of night and shadows
the emire strikes back special edition
d. irvin kershner
high contrast lighting= tension, visual anguish
the man who wasn't there
james gandolfini
d. joel and ethan coen
lighting from below
tribute to film noir
sophie marceau, mel gibson
d. gibson
painterly style
the best years of our lives
harold, russel, teresa wright, dana andrews, myrna loy, Hoagy Carmichael, fredric march
d william wyler
linear style
american beauty
kevin spacey, mena suvari
d. sam mendes
savage nights
cyrill collard, romane bohringer
d. collard
red= blood, violence, danger, HIV, AIDS
The age of innocence
michelle pfeiffer, daniel day lewis
d. martin scorcese
bright color desaturation
faded colors= sober, grim matter
the godfather
marlon brandon
d. francis ford coppola
low key lighting=suffocating
life is beautiful
robert benigni
d. benigni
slapstick=warm and sunny colors
after arrest=paler colors
david arquette, lukas haas
d. scott silver
color absence and stereotyping
four weddings and a funeral
andie macdowell, hugh grant
d. mike newell
blue= love
extreme lengths to avoid sappy/sentimental
dark victory
bette davis, george brent
d. edmund goulding
karen allen, jeff bridges
d. john capenter
city lights=soft focus
sigourney weaver, carrie henn
d. james cameron
courtney cox
d. wes craven
focus on face
telephoto=inc. precise
too beautiful for you
carole bouquet, gerard epardieu
d. bertrand blier
moderate telephoto=enhance lyrical potential
king of the hill
jesse bradford, jeroen krabbe
d. steven soderbergh
sharp focus=anxiety
schindler's list
liam neeson
d. steven spielberg
wide angle lens=deep focus photography
rumble in the bronx
jackie chan
d. stanley tong
extreme wide angle=exaggerates distances between depth planes
kate beckinsale, john cusack
d. peter chelsom
filtered photography=romantic
yakira peguiero, leo fitzpatrick
d. larry clark
fast film stock= light dark contrast, use light that's there
pas de deux
d. norman mclaren
optical printer=f/x
chronophotography=strobe like effect
the matrix
keanu reeves, higo weaving
d. andy/larry wachowski
michael keaton
d. harold ramis
star wars special edition
d. george lucas
industrial light and magic=innovator in f/x
the emigrants
live ulmann, max von sydow
d. jan troell
realism=dominating images
boulder wall
this is elvis
d. malcolm leo
fast film stock, available lighting, handheld cameras
d. sederbergh
documentary like