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The Diary of a lost girl
GW Pabst
The Untouchables
Brian Depalma
Battleship Potemkin
Sergei Eisenstein
The Man with a Movie Camera
Boris Kaufman
Ray Enright
Busby Berkely
The Hudsucker Proxy
Joel & Ethan Coen
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Sergio Leone
Alfred Hitchcock
The Jazz Singer
Alan Crosland
Millers Crossing
Joel & Ethan Coen
The Conversation
Francis Ford Coppola
In the Heat of the Night
Norman Jewison
Pather Panchali
Satyajit Ray
The act of turning the camera crank rapidly to create slow motion
The act of turning the camera crank slowly to create fast motion
Russian Film School, known as one of the best film schools in the world. embargo on russia so they tried to get their hands on any old film supplies they could find
Lev Kuleshov
Meaning of images is not relavant to the relationship A+B=/AB A+B=C
Final Cut
right to make the final version that will be seen by the public
Continuity Montage
system of editing designed to support the narrative. Sustains the illusion that the story world is like the real world
Eye line Match
The Perception that two people are looking at each other. numerous cuts to try and show you what a person is looking at
Match on action
Single Action seems to be continuous throughout multiple steps. pouring the soup in diary of a lost girl.
Continuity of screen direction
object in shot must continue on the same vector of motion
180 degree rule
keeps screen direction the same. cannot show all 360 degrees because of all the camera equipment.
dialectical montage
Eisenstein's philosophy where the thesis and the antithesis create synthesis. rules of continuity are broken through vector motion
graphic montage
the creation of spatial matches such as the motion of an object
Kino - Pravda
Gather up information that he things is news and melds two seperate things together. Ideological truth is more important than real truth
the formalist error
focus is on film technique not serving the higher good
montage sequence
non continuity editing, rythmic montage
eliptical montage
compresses time - music brings it together - repetition of shapes
Voice over
adressed to the audience
diagetic sound
sound that eminates from the picture
visible, infered, internal
Nondiagetic sound
music - no where w/ in the story
synchronous sound
image and sound match up
sound perspective
acoustic equivalent of story world, everything is acoustically present in cinema
sound making guys - sound designers
dialogue rule of 3s
we remember anything said 3 times
dialogue that is meant to sound like your character. stereotypical
itinerant exhib, camera man system
nickelodeon period, camera man system
DW griffith
biograph, first director, wants to make longer films and ends up creating hollywood
billy bitzer
first cinematographer
director unit system
florence lawrence
the biograph girl, no identity till carl laemle
carl laemmle
started universal, gives Stars their name
adolf zukor
queen elizabeth, star sarah burnhardt, premade star
producer unit system
transition to sound, vertically integrated industry, production, distribution, and exhibition
vitaphone vs movietone
quality vs efficiency
The Paramount Decrees
movie industry is dismantled, can only own two of the 3 sectors of production
the blob
irvan yeaworth
the wild bunch
sam peckinpah