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What was the context for film noir?
People woke up and saw that the world they lived in was filled with anxiety, confusion, restlessness, disillusionment and corruption. So they made movies about it
How did the term film noir come about?
It was until the mid 70s that people used the term, it wasn't a genre since it was not consistent by characters or setting. More characterized by look and mood, dark and fatalistic.
What were the 3 big influences for Film Noir
1. Dashiell Hammett's "The Maltese Falcon, James M. Cain's and Raymond Chandler's the Big Seep.
2. Postwar realism, move towards more realistic depiction of crime
3. Ze Germans, fritz lang, Robert Siodmak, billy wilder, otto preminger, edgar g. ulmer. Depressing ex-pats
What were some common themes of Film Noir?
Crime and Corruption
Detective/Criminal POV
Romance and sex, not enough for a happy life
femme fatal
c. Family, discord
d. Impact of the past on the present
e. General existential dread, you know
What was the common style of Film Noir?
Expressionistic , low key lighthing and angles
convoluted plots (flashbacks)
voice over narration.