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what is ideology and how does it relate to film?
ideology is values beliefs and ideas it relates to film because directors and actors can add their own ideology to the film (how a director/actor chooses to act about certain situations etc.)
3 levels of ideological explicitness? with examples?
neutral such as disney films
latent such as pretty woman
explicit such as do the right thing.
the godfather idealogy of women
women have no power, sunnys wife knows he is cheating, michael lies to kay
frida idealogy of women
women are stong independent she moves out when diego cheats on her, her art is good and she can make money on her own.
how when and why italian neorealism emerged as a film movement.
why; to portray contemporary society/ cultures. when:the late 1940's
how: trained film makers using light camera equiptment, locationshooting , more more of documentary style buy was not a documentary.
what disciplines would an auteurist look for in a film?
style of one director,beliefs, doesthe person work in genre?
how does genre relate to auteur theory?
when a director writes the whole movie within one genre. ex: psycho.
what disciplines would a realist look for in a film?
neorealism, look for content rather than form and technique- actual events are importatnt
what disciplines would electicism look for in a film?
a mixture of all the different films and theories/ perspectives usually film the critic/ reviewer.
disciplines binary dualism
pairs of opposites (young/ old) (rich/ poor) ex. in grey gardens the mother accepts geting old, the daughter fights it. godfather michael moves over to the "dark side"
disciplines historiography
aesthetic, economic,technical,socio-political.
disciplines psychoanalysis
mother loves son daughter loves dad
four types of historiography?
aesthetic: critical reception.. was it good?
economic: did it make money?
technical: any technical innovations?
socio-political: social-political context at the same time?
theoretical frameworks "isms" discuss a film within one example.
godfather ...
show familiarity of grey gardens and frida.(understand movie) basic plot etc.
both realist films

frida plot points: when Frida gets in an accident, when Diego FUCKS Frida's Sister & Frida walks in
plot points
event that changes someones behavior in a film
eternal sunshine plot points
joel sees the memory erasure card.
joels memory tells him to go to montauk
godfather plot points
michael senses his father is in danger
"im with you pop"
grey gardens plot points
frida plot points
when she gets in the accident.
seeing diego with her sister.