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What is feminist theory?
the feminist interest in popular culture and feminist film critisim and theory.
Define Reflection Theory
People beleived that what happend on the screen was a relfection of what happend in a scociety.
What do Reflection theorist do?
Assumne that films are a reflection of what happens
(Reflection Theory) Two books:
Marjorie Rosen, Popcorn Venus: Women, Movies and the American Dream, 1973

Molly Haskell, From Reverence to Rape: The Treatment of Women in the Movies, 1974
What is Semiotics and Ideology Critique in terms of feminist ideas?
Woman on the screen as a simbole. Woman as a signifier.
(Feminsist theory)(Semiotics and Ideology Critique ) Clair Johnson's idea
Film must be seen as a language and woman as a sign – not simply a transparent rendering of the real
(Feminsist theory)(Semiotics and Ideology Critique) Clair Johnson's book:
“Women’s Cinema as Counter Cinema” 1973
(Semiotics and Ideology Critique)What did johnson focus on>?
Masculin films
(Semiotics and Ideology Critique) What was Roland Barthes’s concept of?