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what compares two things, using the words like, as, as if, as though, as ... as.
The old man's face was as wrinkled as an elephant's hide.
Her eyes were like emeralds.
what is a Metaphor?
it compares two things by saying one thing is another thing. It does not use the words like or as.
My teacher is a drill sergeant.
The snow was a soft blanket completely covering the brown earth.
what is a Hyperbole?
a description that is greatly exaggerated.
That music is so loud it can be heard across the sea.
His shirt was so big his brother could wear it at the same time
what is a repetition of a letter or sounds, usually at the beginning of words. This is how tongue twisters are formed.
She wore sixty shimmering shells under her shawl.
The majestic moonlight made Maria melancholy.
what is an Onomatopoeia?
its a words which suggest the sound of what they are describing.
The ducks were quacking and the bees were buzzing.
The silence was broken by the sound of the cuckoo clock.
What is a noun?
a word that names a person, place thing, or idea.
whats the word for something that expresses action, condition, or state of being?
What does not contain a subject-verb combination?
what is an Oxymoron?
a contradictory phrase.
Your answers are perfectly wrong.
The jacket was made with genuine imitation leather.
What is a figure of speech that functions to connect words, phrases, clauses and sentences?