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define fibromyalgia.
a poly-symptomatic syndrome whose hallmarks include chronic widespread pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance
define fibromyalgia according to the American college on rheumatology.
widespread pain for at least three months as the presence of all of the following: pain on the right and left sides of the body, pain above and below the waist, pain in the axial skeleton
what are known physical findings in fibromyalgia?
elevated substance P, pain related to NMDA receptor function, no known pathology in the muscles or bones, multiple neuroendocrine disturbances, sympathetic hyperactivity, over active CRH neurons
the phenomenon of central sensitization depends on plasticity of function of what?
NMDA receptors
what part of the body is characterized by high densities of receptors for glutamate, NE, CRH, and glucocorticoids and is thus probably has something to do with fibromyalgia?
what is the thought on how the hippocampus may be affected if traumatic events occurred and we were so stressed out?
it would atrophy bc it gets info from the LC, amygdala, and paraventricular nu about stress and then acts like an internal valium and releases GABA to calm us down…
how are NMDA receptors important in fibromyalgia?
they have to do with memory, pain, and stress
what does dopamine have to do with stress and fibromyalgia?
changes in hippocampal NMDA receptor function have the potential to produce an entire spectrum of neuropsychiatric disorders by controlling mesolimbic dopamine activity
stress can affect what?
affeect, nociception, energy, cognition, and motor function
stress can result in increased or decreased NMDA sensitivity. What are the manifestations of each?
increase is hyperalgesia, depression, slowed cognition, hypermotoric, anhedonia. Decreased is hypoalgesia, mania, hallucinations, motor retardation, increased libido
compare and contrast schizophrenia and fibromyalgia in terms of responses to stress and DA and NMDA activity.
fibromyalgia is increased NMDAR sensitivity, increased tonic DA activity, and decreased phasic DA release. Schizo is the opposite of all that.
what are the medication types for fibromyalgia?
beta blockers, tricyclics, micronized progesterone, dopamine promoters, neuromodulators, histamine 2 blockers, stress modulators, thyroid support, adrenal support