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Has series of small projections called papillae

F: ingestion
Small triangular projection (flap of tissue) at back of the throat

Function: covers the opening to the windpipe (trachea) when you swallow food→ prevents choking
The enlarged portion of the trachea
Function: Voice box, protects trachea (adam's apple)
parotid gland
Large, granular, diffuse looking gland

Located above the submaxillary gland

Sometimes sticks to skin

See fig. 4 in manual (book/online)

Function: salivary gland (like submaxillary gland)
SM gland--> location
submaxillary gland
• Small bean shaped gland posterior to the masseter muscle (the large round muscle on the curve of the jaw)

under parotid, above thymus (Fig 3)

now called "submandibular gland"

produces saliva
GLAND- what does it secrete?
thymus glands
• Long pinkish glands on either side of the trachea
• Function: important part of immune system
o As pig matures, these glands degenrate
thyroid gland
• Small dark brown or pink gland sitting on the trachea, just above rib cage
• Function: regulates metabolism by producing various hormones.
• Large red-brown
• Just below diaphragm
• Function:
-Produces Bile
-metabolism regulation
-waste removal
sheet of muscles

anterior to liver

seperates thoracic & abdominal cavities

Function: Important for respiration
gall bladder
• Small sac-like organ under the liver
• On pig’s right side
• May be slightly green, or same color as liver
• Function: stores bile, releases bile
• Sac-like organ posterior to the liver
• Function: Digestion of food (but not absorption of nutrients)
• Reddish strap-like organ along outer curve of stomach
• Function: plays role in immunological processes
• under stomach
• Triangular shaped, pink or gray granular looking organ
• 2 functions:
-Produces insulin for regulation of blood sugar levels
-Secretes pancreatic juice into S.I. which contains digestive enzymes
2 functions
small intestine
connects to stomach

• Nutrients from food are absorbed here
large intestine
water reabsorbed
undigested food consolidated
moves waste to anus
• Function: A blind sac that functions as a fermentation reservoir with bacteria that help digest cellulose.
• At the junction of small and large intestines
• After large intestine
• Leads to rectum and anus