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func: symbiotic microorganisms assist in digestion of plant material.
loc: junction of small & large intestine.
loc: left side of abdominal cavity along curvature of stomach.
func: stores & disposes worn-out red blood cells.
func: duct where urine passes
loc: uniary bladder located between blood vessels in the umbilical cord.
thymus gland
func: endocrine gland secretes hormones that help regulate metabolism.
loc: posterior to larynx on top of trachea.
vas deferens
func: spend sperm to the urethra located in the penis.
loc: passes back toward abdominal cavity.
uterine horn
loc: uterus is partially divided in two.
func: allow females to carry litter that may # up to 12 offspring ,each w/ own placenta.
gall bladder
func: store and release bile to small intestine.
loc: embedded in liver on the underside of right lobe.
loc: @ large thymus gland either side of ________.
func: conveying air to & from the lungs
func: produce enzymes which aid in the digestion.
loc: lower curvature of the stomach and the small intestine.
func: separate abdominal cavity
loc: contains heart & lungs.
func: voice-box
loc: near the hard-wall.
umbilical cord
func: connected to mother's placenta
loc: ventral side (belly)
bulbourethral glands
func: add fluid to semen after sperm reach the uretha.
loc: posterior end of the uretha