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When is hearing fully developed?
at birth
by what month is the fetus swallowing amniotic fluid?
5th month - 4th lunar month
What 2 substances are stored in the fetal liver?
glycogen and iron
The newborn is predisposed to hyperbilirubinia due to a deficiency of ...
glucouronyl transferase UDPGT
Once the digestive tract is separated from the respiratory tract, the intestinal tract grows very...
what is formed in the intestines and by what week?
meconium; 16th week.
The GI tract is sterile at birth, therefore there is a deficiency of what?
vitamin k in the newborn infant
When are rudimentary kidneys present?
as early as 4th week
when do kidneys appear to be essential for life?
not until 24-28 weeks
when is urine formed?
by the 12th week
when is urine excreted into the amniotic fluid?
16th week
at term fetal urine is excreted at a rate of ...
500 ml per day.
when do maternal antibodies cross the plancenta?
during the 3rd trimester.
What kind of immunity do the antibodies give the fetus?
passive immunity against diseases for which the mother has antibodies.
what diseases does this include?
rubella, rubeolla, tetanus, measles, polio, mumps, pertussis, small pox
there is little or no immunity to what disease?
chicken pox or herpes virus
how long does immunity passed to fetus last for DPT?
for measles?
2 months; 15 months