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Once fertilization is complete, the zygote migrates..
toward the body of the uterus.
What helps the zygote migrate toward the body of the uterus?
currents initiated by the muscular contractions of the fallopian tubes.
How long does it take for the zygote to reach the body of the uterus?
3-4 days
What happens during the time the zygote is reaching the uterus?
Cleavage, or mitotic cell division, begins at a rapid rate.
cell division in which each daughter cell has the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell.
cell division in which a cell is produced with half the number of chromosomes.
By the time the zygote reaches the body of the uterus, it consists of ___ to ___ cells.
16 to 50 cells.
At this stage teh zygote is called a _______ because of its bumpy appearance.
morula ("mulberry")
The morula continues to multiply as it floats free in the uterine cavity for 3-4 days. Large cells tend to mass at the periphery of the ball, leaving a fluid space surrounding an inner cell mass at the poles. The structure is call a ....
The cells in the outer ring are called...
trophoblast cells
The trophoblast cells are part of the structure that develops into one of the outermost embryonic membranes called the
The second membrane (the inner cell membrane)is called the ..
The amnion originates from the interior cells of the _______ and contains ________
blastocyst; amniotic fluid
In what portion of the uterus is the blastocyst most likely to implant?
High, on posterior surface.
Once implantation is achieved, the trophoblast cells of the blastocyst begin to mature rapidly. As early as the 12th day, probing fingers reach out from the single layer of cells into the endometrium called...
chrionic villi
What is the outer 2 layers of the chorionic villi termed?
the syncytial layer.
What hormones are produced in the syncytial layer?
hum chorionic gonadotropin
As the number of chorionic villi increases, the ville form a network of communicatino with the maternal blood that becomes more and more complex. The inervillous spaces enlarge and become separated by a series of partitions, forming as many as 15-20 separate segments called
What develops at the site where the developing embryo attaches to the uterine wall?
the placenta
What is the funcion of the placenta?
it arises out of the trophoblast tissue and acts as the fetal lungs, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, and a separate endocrine organ throughout pregnancy.
After implantation, the endometrium is termed the
The decidua has 3 separate areas. what are they?
Decidua basalis
decidua capsularis
decidua vera
decidua basalis
part of endometrium portion that's directly under embryo.
decidual capsularis
it capsulates the embryo, covers the blastocyst.
decidua vera
it is the rest of the endometrium and it lines the rest of the uterine cavity.