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what is the failure rate for norplant

what is the cost of norplant

what is the effectiveness of norplant
- Failure rate - 1% after 1st year and 3% after 5th year

- Average cost of $500

-Most effective method (99.95%).
what is norplant, how does it work, and when it is used?
6 nonbiodegradable Silastic implants the size of matches embedded just under the skin on the inside of the upper arm
- Last 5 years - suppress ovulation, move ovum rapidly through the fallopian tube, stimulate thick cervical mucus, make implantation difficult
- Inserted during menses or no later than 7 days after, immediately after abortion, or 6 weeks after delivery
what are some advantages of norplant
Long term and reversible
Effective and reliable alternative to OC’s
Sexual enjoyment not inhibited
Can be used during breast feeding
Can be used in adolescents
Fertility returns in about 3 months after removal
what is the effectiveness of depo
99.7% effective
what is depo, how does it work, and when it is used?
A single injection every 12 weeks - inhibits ovulation, alters the endometrium and changes the cervical mucus
what are some disadvantages of depo?
- must see health care provider every 12 weeks. takes 10 to 18 months for fertility to return
-May impair glucose tolerance in women at risk of diabetes
May cause a slight increase in osteoporosis - take calcium and do weight bearing exercises
women taking hormonal therrapies f (any type) for birth control need to know these symptoms...
Pain or swelling of legs (DVT)
Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Tingling or numbness in the extremities
Sudden severe headaches
Changes in vision
Dizziness or fainting
what are the general SE for hormone birth control methods
Menstruation irregularities )
Weight gain
Hair loss
breast tenderness
yeast infections
blood clots
Decreased bone density
what is the effectivness for BC pills ?

what is the failure rate for BC pills?
95% effective against conception

if taken properly 3% failure rate
what are contraindications for BC pill use?
Elevated cholesterol
Diabetes – can be given if woman is less than 35 and in good health
what is the effectiveness for BC patch?
what is the spermacide failure rate?
what is condom failure rate?
what % of condoms break?
spermicide + condom effectiveness is ?
what is the failure rate for femal condoms?
what is the failure rate for diaphragms?
what is teh failure rate for cervical caps?
80% effective for nulliparous women and 60% effective for women who have already given birth
what is the effectiveness of the "withdrawal" method?
81% if properly executed...but requires great control
what are the differences between ZIFT and invitro?
(zygote intrafalopian transfer)
they are totally identical except for the area they are placed back into. with invitro they are placed in uterus & with ZIFT they are placed in fallopian tubes.
what is the difference between zift and gift?
hence the name--zygote intrafalopian transfer and gamete intrafalopian transfer.
in gift the ova and sperm are simply combined
in zift the ova is fertilized by the sperm BEFORE placement.
what is clomid (clomiphene)?
a fertility drug that is used to stimulate ovulation and that has been associated with multiple births