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the upper urinary and internal genital systems are derived from what embryological layer?
intermediate mesoderm
the intermediate mesoderm forms what on either side of the midline?
urogenital ridges
what fold separates the cloaca into 2?
urorectal fold?
what develops into the labia minor in females and the shaft and penile urethra in males?
the urogenital folds
what do the labia majora and scrotum develop from?
labioscrotal swellings
the clitoris/glans of penis develop from
the genital tubercle
the urogenital ridges give rise to what aspects of the internal genital system?
females: ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus

males: testis, vas def, and seminal vesicles
the growth from teh posterior aspect of the mesonephric duct is called the ___?
uteric bud
the pronephors develops from teh first ____ somites (a number)
the mesonephros at its distal aspect enters the...?
bladder, forming the base
collecting ducts from the mesonephric duct induce the ______ to form cysts (which later develop into tubules)
if the ends of teh tubules fail to fuse with the collecting ducts, what disease is this
polycystic kidney disease
how many generations of tubules ar there at birth? how many form teh medulla?
12-14; 4
what is the urorectal form
it partitions the cloaca into the anterior part (the urogenital sinus) and teh posterior part
what does the urogenital sinus develop into?
the bladder, and urethra, and the inferior 1/3 of the vagina
what does the posterior part of the cloaca develop into (after it has been partitioned by teh urorectal fold)
the rectum and the anus
what is the fate of mesonephric ducts in females?
the mesonephric (wolffian) ducts disappear, and are replaced by mulleran (paramesonephric) ducts.
what do the paramesonephric ducts develop into?
the fallopian tubes, which fuse to form the uterus and 1st 2/3 of the vagina
what does teh inferior 1/3 of the vagina develop from?
the sinovaginal bulbs (from the base of the urogenital sinus)