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What is the socilolgical imagination
quality of mind essintial to seeing impact of social forces on indiv and grasp the interplay of indiv on socy
what is feminist theory
generalized, wide ranged sys of ideas about soc life and human exp developed from a woman-centered persepective
what stands out about fem theory
the commitment of all fem soc. theories to changing society
how does fem theory diff from most soc theories
it is work of interdisciplinary comm and it brodens and deppens the discipline of orgin- dev crit underst of socy
What aspects/ fem theories deal with gender inequality
cultural fem, biological, institutional and socializaion, social-psyc
fem theory dep on gender oppression
liberal fem
fem theory dealing with strucrural oppression
psychoanalytic fem and radical fem
what is GENDER
socially constructed male and female roles, relationsl. and identities
what is cultural femininism
fem theory of diff that extols pos aspects of female charac
-early theorist Jane addams and charolette perkins gilman
how did cultural feminist feel females would benifit governing of the state
socy needed women's virtues of coop, caring, pacificiam and non violence to settle conflicts
what are explanatory theories? how do they describe the cause of gender diff.
fem theorists that locate cause of gender diff in biology, institu roles, socializ, and social interaction
existential adn phenomenological analysis developed what theme of fem theory
the marginizatioin of women as OTHER in a male created culture
what is meant by the woman as "the OTHER"
objectified being, who assigns traits that rep the opposite of the agentic subject MALE
liberal feminism believes (4) main claims/ beliefs
all humans have certain essential features- capacity for reason, moral agency, and self-actualization;

and exercise of capacities can be secured thru legal recognition of universal rights

ineq. assigned by sex are socil constructions and have no basis

social change can be produced org appela to public
what does liberal femininsm believe is the basis for gender inquality
patriarchal and sexist patterening of the division of labor- and gender equality can be produced by transforming the division of labor thru redev of institutions- work, law, fam. edu, and media
contem liberal fem explain gender inequality on the basis of 4 factors
-social constrution of gender
-gendered division of labor
- doc and prac of public and private spheres
-patriarchal ideology
How do the two spheres public and private interact in womens world
public- education , work, politics, and public space is limited by discrimination, marginalization, and harrassment
private- time bind with employment and home (second shift)
Marraige seen by liberal feminists
men role of authority and freedom where women are to be compliant and dependant- Highest stress in lives of married women and unmarried men- there fore marriage is more beneficial to men
Claiming equality- in public sphere liberal fem argue for fairness and change in 4 aspects
equal edu, and employ opp.s
equal responsib. in fam life
elim. sexist messages in fam, edu, media
indiv challenges to sexism in daily lives
Ideal gender arrangement for liberal fem include
indiv, able to act as a free and responsible moral agent choosing lifestyle most suitable for him or her
according to oppression theorists domination is defined as
any relationship where one party the dominant succeeds in making the other party the subordinate- instrument of dominates will and refuses to recog subordinates indep subjectivity
psychoanalytic feminisme explains patriarchy thru...
emphasis on emotional dynampics of personality, emotions buried in subconscience, importance of early childhood in patterening these emotions- many idea taken from freud
patriarchy is a systerm in which...
men subjugate women, universal syst, pervasive in social organization, durable over time and space, and maintained in the face of challenge
patriarchal puzzle of psychoanalytic feminist
why men must fully attempt to susatin patriarchy and women dont
two possible expl of male domination of women (psychoanalytic fem)
fear of death
socioemotional enviro in which personalitiy of young child forms
Radical feminist theory is based on...
theory of social org., gender oppression, and strategies for change affirming pos value of women and argues they are oppressed everywhere by violence or the threat there of
Patriarchy to radical
the most signifigant structure of social inequality
Radical fem believe violence can be hidden in more complex practices of exploitation and control such as (5)...
-beauty and fashion standards
-tyranical ideals of motherhood..heterosexuality
-sex harrass in workplace
-prac of gynecology,osteo, psycother
-unpaid household work or under paid wage work
Radical feminist believe that patriarchy exists as a social form of power resource controled by men's ability to est control thru...
physical force
fem theory explaninig universal gender oppression and a model for cross-cultural understanding of oppression
Radical fam
How is patriarchy defeated and what fem theory supports this
defeat must begin in women reworking their consciousness in order to recognize her own value and strength, also establish a sisterhood of support and apprec.
Theory/ist that focus on domination and arrangements of power historically risen over time- of capitalism, racism hetero, patriarchy
Structural Oppression
Two types of Struc Oppression are...
Socialist feminism, and intersectionality theory
goals of social feminist.
bring together marxist and radical fem thought
Transformation of Marxian feminism consists of change
social class oppression turned gender class oppression
Social fem- is an effort to dev a unified theory focusing on...
the role of capt. and patriarchy in creating large scale struc. that oppress women
Capitalist Patriarchy indicates...
that the oppression of women is traceable to a combo of capt and patr.
Marxian idea of patterns of human experience and conditions of life change over time and history is a record of changes in experience, personality, ideas and soc. arrangement
Historial materialism
gender relations within structure of contemp capitalist class sys.emphasizes Materialist fem is part of what division of what fem. thought
socialist fem
Vectores of oppression and privilege are
Matrix of domination- intersections of variety of inequalities that oppress women differtially
The theory of understanding that women experience oppression in varying intersections of configuration and varying degrees of intensity
Intersectionality theory
Intersectionality theory is effective at justifying arrangements of oppression by
dominants use diff. amoung ppl to justify oppression by translating diff into models of inferiority/superiority
The outsider within is...
experience of grp members when they move from home grp to larger socy
Goal of Cultural Feminism
Revalue women's ingights
What fem argue-
what fem argue...
Claims equality with men on the basis of reasoned moral agency
what fem argue...
women everywhere are oppressed due to patriarchy
FEM argue...
class and gender overlap causing the oppression of women by patriarchal capitalism
Socialist- (structural oppression)