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What are mammary glands?
Modified Apocrine Sweat glands
What type of glands are Mammary glands classified as?
What is the Prepuberal mammary gland like?
A simple system of ducts that grows in parallel with the rest of the body
What hormone causes the mammary glands to develop at puberty?
What does estrogen cause the mammary glands to do?
Accumulate adipose tissue and branching of the ducts
How are the mammary glands arranged?
Into 15-25 lobes
What separates the lobes?
Interlobular connective tissue made of Fat and CT
What are lobes subdivided into?
What do lobules contain?
Alveoli and ducts
What are lobules separated by?
Intralobular connective tissue
What is the secretory product of the alveoli in each lobe?
What drains milk from lobules?
Lactiferous ducts
What is the terminal expansion of the lactiferous duct just deep to the surface of the nipple?
Lactiferous sinus