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PID infections with
GC, chlaymdia, and enteric bacteria
atrophic vaginitis
DM, post abortion, elderly patients
HPV 16 and 18
VIN, CIN high grade = in women
Franks invasive carincoma = in men
Verricous carincoma
HPV 6 and 11
Condyloma accuminata (verricous lesion), CIN low grade
Vulva infections with
HPV, GC, syphilus
Kruiosis valvae?
Lichen sclerosis
strap cells?
embryonal rhabydomyosarcoma of the vagina
Cervix inflammation with
Herpes, Mycoplasma, Chalmydai and GC
Nabothian vs. gartner vs. bartholin
cervix, vagina, uvula
brenner tumor of ovary
dermoid cyst
ectodermal parts only
cal exner bodies
granulosa theca cell tumor
schiller duval bodies
endodermal sinus tumor AKA yolk sac tumor
HPV 16
Carcinoma in situa
Epididmytis associated with
Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, TB
orchitis associated with
syphillis and 20% in mumps
crystalloids of reinke?
leydig cell tumor
buschke-lowenstein tumor is also called?
verrucous carincoma OR giant condulomatous.
michaelis-gutman bodies?
psammoma bodies
papillary cyst adenocarcinoma
Malakoplakia and pagets disease and malignant melanoma