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Anachronism - N
something that is out of place and/or time
Arbitrary - ADJ
something that is done randomly by a person that has the power to do whatever they want
Viable - ADJ
capable of surviving and enduring
Interim - N/ADJ
done for a brief or temporary period
Austere - ADJ
severely plain and simple
Exacerbate - V
to make something worse
Tenable - ADJ
capable of being defended
Euphemism - N
the politist way of saying something
Ostensible - ADJ
the supposed reason something is done
Dogmatic - ADJ
an arrogant, close-minded assertion of belief; stating an opinion as unquestionable fact
Abdicate - V
to surrender ruling power (supposedly voluntarily)
Plausible - ADJ
believable; stronger than just possible; credible