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autonomous (adj)
self governing
hegemony (noun)
dominant power or influence
collective security (noun)
the use of alliances to discourage aggression, ex. NATO
Third World (noun/adj)
countries, mainly of Africa, that have not industrialized; refers to poor countries with low standards of living
sedition (noun)
inciting or stirring up a revolt
gerrymander (verb)
to draw voting districts in a way that favors one candidate or another
infrastructure (noun)
the basic transportation, communication, and energy supply system that modern countries need to operate
parity (noun)
approximate equality
junta (noun)
a ruling panel, usually of army officers
deterrent (noun)
a means of discouraging, intimidating, frightening someone to not do something (from attacking or doing something you don't want them to do)
embargo (noun)
a law or an order than prohibits trade
exaggerated ego or self-pride