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bring around to
HE wasn't keen on the plan, but we managed to bring him around.
turn over to
When Fay goes to Hawaii shewill turn the class over to Linda.
to stand up to
The young boystood up to the bully. He said "Give me back my lunch!"
set aside
Every monthI set money aside for my future. I want to go to university in Montreal next year.
fill in
When Fay comes backfrom holidays I'll will fill her in. When Siegistartstoteach I'll fill her in too
take up with
The assistant couldn't make a decision without authoriztion, so he took the matter up with his supervisor
to live up to
I should have lived up to my promise to pick up ourdaughter yesterday,but I didn't do it. My husband did it instead of me.
have it out with
Rick called Rob a bad name,so they went to the back of the school and had it out. Joe got a bloody nose and Rob got a black eye.
let in on
Let me in on the conversation. I wantto know why you are laughing so hard.