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radio corporation of america. formed to take over the wireless telegraph business
pittsburgh used to send programming to whoever was tuning in.
Radio Group
GE, Westinghouse, RCA
Telephone Group
AT&T, Western Electric
Cross Lescensing/patent-pooling
cooperation between companies to share their inventions that they had patened
Sustaining Programs
paid for by the broadcaster, put on air to attract people to the station
Toll Broadcasting
1922 buying airtime to promote a product
Chain Broadcasting
stations joined toghter electronically by long distance telephone lines, same programming on dif. stations
NBC; NBC Red/Blue
1926 RCA formed national broadcasting company (NBC) to produce programming soley for broadcasting. radio group got telephone groups stations. nbc blue-original nbc programming on new stations. nbc red- new programming on new stations
independent stations set up their own chain in association with columbia phonographs, they backed out, william paley bought it kept name. CBS
Radio Act of 1912
required all amercian ships to have radio communications and radio operator on board. point to point radio telegraph communication