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4 roles of fatty acids?
1. source of bodys energy
2. building blocks of membranes
3. covalent modification of proteins
4. serve as hormones/messengers
ultimate fate of f.a. degradation is?
acetyl coA
F.a. are highly concentrated energy source because
they are reduced and anhydrous
Our dietary lipids are in the form of?
triacylglycerols are degraded into what by what enzyme?
fatty acids and monoacylglycerol by lipases from pancreas
Once resynthesized from f.a. and monoacylglycerol, triacyglycerols bind to what to transport them?
lipases are activated by what/
binding of glucagon and or epinephrine which results in CAMP cascade
F.a. degredation begins with the f.a. esterified to acetyl coA by what enzyme
acyl CoA sythetase
after acyl coa formed, transport acros mitochondrial membrane occurs how?
fatty acyl coa are conjugated to carnitine to form an acyl carnitine intermediate.
this uses what enzyme/
acyl carnitine transferase I
After entry into mito. matrix, reesterfication to CoA occcurs by what enzyme
acyl carnitine transferase II
the four steps of fa oxidation/degredation are?
oxidation by FAD, hydration, oxidation by NAD, and thiolysis by CoA.
fatty acyl coa to trans enoyl CoA is catalyzed by what?
acyl coA dehyrdrogenase
(uses FAD)
what are the two accessory enzymes used for unsaturated fatty acid degredation?
cis 3 enoyl coA isomerase and 2,4 dienoyl CoA reductase
Odd chain unsaturations require?
Even require?
cis 3 enoyl coA isomerase; isomerase and 2,4 dienoyl coA reductase
f.a. oxidation/degredation occurs where?
in mitochondria
f.a. synthesis occurs?
When does acetyl coA from f.a. oxidation enter the TCA cycle
only when fat and carbohydrate breakdown are balanced
oxidation of acetyl coA through TCA cycle is dependent on what?
availability of oxaloacetate which is dependent on supply of carbohydrates