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What are the most efficient form of metabolic energy in the body
fatty acids
Highly concentrated forms of metabolic energy are stored as what?
triaglycerols (3 fatty acids & 1 glycerol) in adipose cells
How are fatty acids named?
CO2 carbon is 1, next carbon is alpha, next is beta, etc.
Pancrease lipase in the intestine does what?
Converts triaglycerols into 3 fatty acids and monoacetylglycerol. One glycerol is removed at a time.
Transport resynthesized triaglycerols from intestinal mucosal cells to the lymph system. They attach to a cell and the attached triaglycerol is then unassembled and reassembled inside a cell.
How do hormones activate the mobilization of triaglycerols?
ATP is converted to cAMP, which activates protein kinase, which phosphorylates triaglycerol lipase, the intestinal enzyme that remove fatty acids from triaglycerols
Fatty acid degredation occurs where?
Mitochondrial matrix
Coenzyme A
Transfers fatty acid degredation intermediates
What are the steps of fatty acid degredation?
1. Oxidation
2. Hydration
3. Oxidation
4. Thiolysis
Carries long-chain fatty acids into mitochondrial matrix for degredation
Fatty acid synthesis and degredation are exactly the reverse of each other
False. Different enzymes are used, since an exact reverse would be energetically unfavorable.
Fatty acid synthesis occurs where?
acyl carrier protein (ACP)
Transports fatty acid synthesis intermediates
Cofactor of fatty acid synthesis
Cofactors of fatty acid degredation
What are the steps of fatty acid synthesis?
1. Condensation
2. Reduction
3. Dehydration
4. Reduction
How many domains are found in eukaryote fatty acid synthase?
3. They occur as dimers, with the 1st and 2nd domains of 2 synthases linked to form 2 "functional units" consisting of the Domain 1 of one synthase and Domains 2 & 3 of the other
What are the 2 extra steps at the end of Eukaryotic fatty acid synthesis?
5. Translocation
6. Malonyl transfer
How many molecules of acytyl CoA are formed from the degredation of a fatty acid of n units?
How many fatty acid degrative cycles are needed to degrade a fatty acid of n units?