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Zendegi sad sâle avalesh sakhte!
The first 100 years of life is hard!
âreh dorost migi, vali cheh câr mishe card!
Yes you are right, but what can be done?
Vakti javun budam......
When I was young.......
To az Ali khabari dâri?
do you have any news from Ali?
Firoozeh kenâre divâr neshesteh
Firoozeh is sitting by the wall.
Tou jang, mardome bigonâh koshteh mishand
In war, innocent people are killed
In sâ-at az kojâ kharidi?
Where did you buy this watch from?
âbe daryâcheh kam shodeh
The lake water has gone down. (become less)
âfarin! hâlâ mitooni ghazâto bokhori
Well done! Now you can have your meal.
Zamin hanooz tareh
The ground is still wet.
Chi migi?
what are you saying?
Keiy mi-âi injâ
When are you coming here?
Khooneye doostet kojâst
Where is your friend's house?
Mibakshid, kodoom yek az in daftarâ arzun-tareh?
Excuse me, which of these notebooks is the cheapest?
Boro bebin ki dar mizane
Go see who is knocking on the door.
cherâ u harf nemizane?
why is she not speaking?
Otâqam ye panjereh dâre, keh beh tarafe bâgh baz mishe
My room has a window that open onto the garden.
Sharâbe sorkh beh-tâteh ye sharâbe sefid?
Is red wine better or white?
Bedooneh einak miri?
going without glasses?
alân kâr dâram ba'dam miam (miâyam)
Now I have work to do, I'll come later.